Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I bet there aren't many people who, on first hearing the news of Jade's terminal cancer, didn't think it was a hoax. Even when she was admitted to hospital and we were told she only had a short time to live, I bet there were some people who still thought it was a hoax and that someone would find a cure and she would miraculously recover.

The problem is that there is such an obsession with Reality TV that many can't distinguish it from soap opera. People like their stories to have a beginning, a middle and an end. It mustn't drag on for too long or they will lose interest. So Jade has given them what they want. Her timing was immaculate. Just enough time for her to get married, be christened along with her sons, and make enough money to secure a good education for them. A true Reality TV professional till the end. She even managed to pass away on Mothers can't really beat that can you?

There was even a comment from a reader of the Daily Mail suggesting that Mothers Day be renamed "Jade Remembrance Day"....such is the obsession. An obsession I frankly find hard to understand. Maybe it's because I can't watch reality TV programmes here. The closest I've got to it is re-runs of the first couple of series of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC Prime. Not quite the same thing really.

I don't want to appear too cynical or have anyone think that I have no sympathy for Jade. I think it's extremely sad for a young woman with two small children to be taken by this awful disease. But I don't know her personally and I can't grieve for someone I don't know. I find it difficult to grasp what has now become the "Diana" syndrome.

I do however see the good she achieved in her last few weeks, in drawing attention to the need for cervical cancer screening for young women, and this will no doubt save a good few lives. So well done Jade for that.

Of course we have the funeral to look forward to, and one would hope that we could then draw a line under it. But no doubt her two young sons will be hounded by the press for years to come, and her husband, mother and various other hangers-on will no doubt be selling their stories to the highest bidder.

And so it goes on......


  1. I know people say she did lots of good things in the end by raising people's awareness of cervical cancer screening etc. However, in my view it must have been very harrowing for other cancer sufferers watching her slowly disintegrate. Witnessing her pain and distress and wondering if that's how it would end for them. It must have terrified some people. It certainly brought back awful memories for me of watching my mum and dad slowly die of that terrible disease. Memories I could have done without. Selfish of me? Yes. I guess so. But I don't want to be reminded of those dark days. So, I for one don't think it was a good thing at all. There was no getting away from her torment either. It was in every paper and still is. And it's not so long ago that those same newspapers were vilifying her. Hypocrites. The lot of them.

  2. Hi Henry the Dog's Mum..welcome to my blog.

    I have to agree with you that it must have been pretty harrowing for other terminally-ill people to have to watch this played out in public....and I most certainly agree that the press are hypocrites.

  3. I cynically wondered if they had kept the morphine lighter to enable her to last until Mother's Day. I'm sure that is what happens in so many cases - it is the bigger dose than usual of morphine near the end that can tip someone over into a more or less timed death

    I have to own up to enjoying Big Brother*. I know it's rubbish and I hear myself bleat on about enjoying watching the psychological aspects of characters asserting dominance over others - the truth is that I just enjoy watching, especially a few weeks in when they have forgotten the cameras were there.

    I found Jade quite amusing in that show and her interaction with another housemate called Alex Sibley was lovely to see, especially towards the end of the series.

    (my, I can't believe I'm going on about it so much)

    As for her public dying - I don't know. I could never do it but I want to be a private person, which is about as opposite to Jade's view as you can get.

    (waves at Henry's mum)

    * I don't watch any soaps or any other reality shows - I want that noted in my defence.

  4. Perhaps my attitude would be different if I was able to watch reality TV. I've only ever seen clips of Big Brother or the odd episode when I've been visiting the UK..and I could never understand the attraction. I have to own up to watching Eastenders and Doctors on BBC Prime. Also Holby and Casualty because I like blood and gore!

  5. I'm afraid I have little but cynical thoughts about the PR machine around Jade (which she hired), the media itself and so many of the ardent followers of that... soap opera.

    Watching reality TV does not really endear the participants to you, well not for me!


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