Monday, 23 March 2009

Meet Beki

This is my dog Beki. She is 5 years old. She was dumped off the back of a truck along with 2 other pups at just 2 weeks old. Beki was clearly the runt of the litter. She was so tiny compared to the other two pups, she could hardly stand, let alone walk A local vet found homes for the other two, but told me Beki wouldn't survive. But I decided to give her my best shot so with lots of regular feeding with baby formula, sleepless nights and TLC, I proved him wrong.
She is beautiful and loyal with a sense of mischief. If I let her off her lead for a run then call her back she will often run off in the opposite direction. OK she comes back eventually but it's a game she just plays with me. As far as Mr Ayak is concerned she is obedient and comes when called.
However, there are times when she can take things seriously. One winter when we lived in Cappadocia, I was out with her on the lead in thick snow. As we were returning to the house, I slipped and fell on my back and couldn't move. I let go of the lead as I fell and Beki would normally use this as an excuse to run off. But she clearly knew something was wrong because she lay down beside me in the snow and started to lick my face. And that's where she stayed until I was able to recover, get up and make my way home.
She always knows if I'm feeling unwell and gives me lots of sympathy.
I love times they are so much more loyal than people.


  1. I sensed somehow you would be a kindred spirit and this post has proven it. I love dogs so very much and am happy to see you that you do as well. Lucky Beki for finding you. I've blogged about our dogs very often and one of ours is a rescue with a sad story.

  2. Yes I'm very much a dog person. We have rescued a few since I moved here. I noticed the pics of your dogs...they are so sweet. I can't imagine life without a dog.

  3. Very touching post Ayak. I too love working size dogs and horses, although we only keep a couple of gorgeous pussycats. I too would love to better understand the intelligent instinct that dogs come to share with their owners. It's definitely an intuitive thing.

  4. Phil I actually believe that dogs have this natural instinct in them from birth. I think the way they use it then depends on how they are treated by their owners. Not sure I explained that very well?


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