Tuesday, 24 March 2009

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Turkish Delight....I absolutely adore it.

Turkish Delight, lokum, or loukoum is made from starch and sugar. It is often flavoured with rosewater and lemon, the former giving it a characteristic pale pink color. It has a soft, jelly-like and sometimes sticky consistency, and is often packaged and eaten in small cubes that are dusted with icing sugar to prevent sticking. Some types contain small nut pieces, usually pistachio, hazelnut or walnuts. Other common types include flavors such as cinnamon or mint.

According to the Ali Muhiddin Hacı Bekir Confectioners company of Istanbul, founded in 1777, lokum has been produced in Turkey since the 15th century. Originally, honey and molasses were used as sweeteners, and water and flour were the binding agents.
The recipe for lokum as we know it today, using the new ingredients of sugar and starch, was invented and popularized by the Hacı Bekir company during the 19th century.
Lokum was introduced to the West in the 19th century. An unknown Briton became very fond of the delicacy during his travels to Istanbul, and purchased cases of lokum, to be shipped back to Britain under the name Turkish Delight. It became a major delicacy not only in Britain, but throughout Europe.


  1. My mum and dad used to adore this - my mum the little purply pack of the Fry's stuff and my dad the little round boxes that we would buy at the local deli. I find it a bit too sweet for my tastebuds however - but nougat, now that's my thing (and the good old Crunchie bar)

  2. The real stuff that you get here is so different to that which you find in the UK...I actually didn't like it before I came here and sampled the genuine article.

    Oh I love Crunchies too. Actually I'm a real chocoholic..Cadburys dairy milk..mmm. Turkish chocolate isn't good, but we do get Milka here which is OK.

  3. The display in your header photo looks very yummy. We have a friend of Turkish origin who is always going on about how much nicer the real stuff is - perhaps one day we'll get to try some.

  4. The chocolate-covered "Turkish Delight" sold in the UK is nasty to my mind and nothing like the real thing which is quite delicious! It was actually an Iranian friend who introduced me to real Turkish delight when I was living in the south of France!

  5. Hi Almost American: Welcome to my blog. You're absolutely right. the stuff sold in the UK is nothing like the real thing.

  6. Tosh! Turkish Delight comes from tesco's. Everyone knows that. Cripes, you'll be trying to tell us yoghurt comes from Turkey next. Hmmm.

  7. Well Phil I can't remember if I've written about it but did you also know that tulips originated in Turkey and not Holland as is widely thought?

  8. The dodgy Dutch really did do convincing job on us all with what has now become one of the most scandalous of botanic misnomer's of the last few hundred years didn't they. Perhaps you should consider re-inventing the tulip trade with your own brand of original and authentic - 'Tulips from Constantinople' then. It's about time Carolus Clusius's dodgy dutch neighbours were brought to book. you about developing your own species of 'Carolus Tulips' (and then do a steal on the famous Danish strapline for Carlsberg lager) - 'Probably the best Tulips in the world' 'Grown in only the finest, richest soil vintage from ancient & mystical Constantinople. Develop & Patent this concept, market it on the web via a Dutch driven website, and then eventually agree to sell it off to a big Dutch tulip producer for the highest bid, once you've become an irritation to them all. Bingo!

    What part of Turkey did Edam come from then?

  9. Haha Phil. If I had green fingers I'd give it a go!

    Now I'm off to google cheese!


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