Friday, 27 March 2009

My various homes in Turkey.....Gümüsluk

Since I came to live in Turkey in 1998, we have moved house 14 times...not always in different areas but we've certainly covered a lot of ground. I'm going to do a bit of reminiscing now starting with our first home which was in Gumusluk.

The peaceful village of Gümüsluk is one of the oldest settlements on the Bodrum peninsula. It stands on the site of the ancient city of Myndos whose seafront sections slid into the sea in some long-forgotten earthquake.
In 2006 one hundred archaeologists descended on Gümüsluk to start excavating the land, and so far they have uncovered further walls and mosaics.

Myndos is mentioned in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. The story goes that Brutus and Cassius, kept their fleet in the harbour of Myndos in the civil war that followed the murder of Caesar. Gümüs is the Turkish word for Silver. Its not clear why Gümüslük is called by its name. Some locals say it’s due to the history of Mydus when the city used to be powerful enough to mine and mint its own silver coins. It’s also been said that its due to the common sight of ‘yakamoz’ (reflection of the moon on the water) turning the water in the bay a beautiful silver.

Today Gumusluk still has a small-scale, relaxed atmosphere thanks to strictly enforced building restrictions, designed to protect the ancient site. Gumusluk is a great place to unwind in an idyllic setting. The wonderful shelter of the bay provides a natural harbour for yachts and local fishing boats, the waterfront restaurants enjoy a reputation for excellent fresh fish. Gumusluk is popular with many famous Turkish actors, artists and musicians who frequent the bay during the summer months.

We rented the top floor of a two-storey house, which was really a holiday-let and because each room led out to an open terrace, was only really suitable for the summer months. We rented it during the winter because it was cheap and we didn't have a lot of money.

There was no hot water or heating and I had one saucepan and one gas bottle to cook with. It rained a great deal and poured in through the metal-framed windows, to the extent that one morning we got out of bed and were up to our ankles in water. The setting was wonderful...right in the middle of orange and olive groves, with no neighbours, and was very peaceful.

But although I don't mind slumming it for a fact I enjoyed the novelty..I soon realised that I needed my mod-cons so after four months we moved just up the road to Turgutreis.


  1. How gorgeous is that? Allow me if you will to compliment you on your blog writing skill. I knew you could write well from forums etc, but these are cracking!

  2. Oh thankyou...I'm blushing now.

    I did some OU courses years ago and really enjoyed writing the assignments, but I'm afraid I'm a bit out of practise. I'm enjoying getting back into the swing of it again though.

  3. Ooo - tell us about the OU assignments - of course a subject that I adore. Not that your various homes isn't by the way.

  4. FF: I did the Social Science Foundation Course around the mid1990s and then a Community Care Course. I started another course (but the title escapes me just now) but had to give up halfway through due to pressure of work.

  5. Fascinating. I've always chased an adventure and any opportunity to travel abroad at the drop of a hat, but I have to know that my mod cons are all there waiting for me when i've had enough and return to the fold. Don't know how you guys can continue to 'wing & a prayer it' the way you have. You're clearly made of sterner stuff together, than I am. I salute you both.

  6. Well I was always a "mod cons" person Phil, till I moved here, and then I realised that its not always possible to have them so you make the best of what you have. Life's always a challenge here!


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