Tuesday, 31 March 2009


So I returned to Turkey after several months in the a completely different area..where Mr Ayak was already working. Side, Antalya.

Side is a resort on the Mediterranean coast and is one of the best-known classical sites in Turkey. It is approximately 75kms east of Antalya (one of Turkey`s largest cities) and is located on a small peninsula only 800m in length.With its history dating back to the 6th century B.C., Side had one of the earliest settlements of the Anatolia region. It served as an important harbour during the Hittite period and was a significant commercial town.

I'd love to say that because of it's history, Side is worth a visit, but it has in my opinion been spoilt beyond recognition. Tourism has destroyed this town.

We lived there for three years and watched with despair as it became over-run with apartments, hotels and the worst kind of tourists you can imagine. I mean those people who have just booked a cheap package deal where they don't really care which country they're going to. It could be anywhere. They step off the plane, onto a bus, into their hotel, find their place by the pool and stay there for two weeks...apart from getting drunk every evening...then they fly home, without having seen anything of this beautiful country. The type of tourist who complains to their hotel Reception about the early morning call to prayer from the mosque waking them up...and asking "can you please switch it off?"...yes really!
So I can say in all honesty that Side is one of the few places in Turkey that I really hate.
We had 5 different homes during our 3 years there...why? Because we kept trying to move away from the noise...but we couldn't escape it until finally, with a huge sigh of relief, we left Side for good.


  1. Did you move to escape the noise of the call to prayer?

    At least that kind of tourist stays in their hotel and doesn't screw up the local beauty spots with footfall.

    But Turkey does look gorgeous, however I've now got so antipathetic to dodgy toilets in public places I'm not sure I'll make it over after your hose description!

  2. No.. to escape the noise of the tourists complaining about the noise of the call to prayer!

    Oh don't let dodgy toilets put you's a beautiful country...well worth a visit.

  3. How good to keep on moving though - I love a move and can't believe there are people that have never strayed far from where they grew up - what a waste. I'd move every few years if I could.

    I've never been to Turkey but you are making me interested.

  4. FF: It really is a beautiful country. It's so vast that you can experience different environments, cultures and weather without going abroad...just wait till I tell you about Cappadocia.

  5. I have ended up here after reading about your tales of Cappadocia. I am so surprised you hated Side. I lived there in the winter for six months and am desperate to experience a summer there. I have to say though, you have certainly had a lot of homes. I thought I had but I think you beat my record twice over! LOL

  6. Natalie: I guess we all have different experiences of a place. I still have friends living there...they also hate it...I visited them briefly last year and in my opinion it was even worse. My friends have bought land in Cappadadocia and are about to build a house there...just outside Urgup. They can't wait to get away.


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