Sunday, 29 March 2009

Voting today

Well....even though I still haven't decided who to vote in as the new Belediye Başkan (leader of the council)...I will have to make my way to the polling station today and cast a vote. You can't get away with not voting here. If you don't vote you are fined. Even if you are planning to be out of the country on polling day, you have to notifying the authorities. And in the case of a general election, polling booths are set up at every airport so you can register your vote before you leave the country.

I have a sneaking suspicion there is such a thing as the "voting police" who go round checking non-voters' fingers after polling day. Checking fingers? Well after you have cast your vote and placed it in the ballot box, a man dabs some indelible ink on your prove you have voted. And the bloody stuff takes weeks to fade! Mr Ayak is working at the polling station today and I have been informed that I am not allowed to talk to him when I see him or he may be accused of influencing my decision. As you can see, they take all this very seriously indeed. I wonder if Mr Ayak will take it upon himself to check my finger when he returns home this evening?


  1. Yes he did... he wanted to know who I voted for. I think he assumed I would vote for the party he supports. But I refused to tell him. As it happens I did vote for his party but I'm not telling him. He won't believe it was my choice.

  2. That sounds very stringent - the checking the finger thing although, because of the suffragette movement in the UK, I always get very cross at the thought of women not voting.

  3. Yes FF..I have a real thing about women not voting. Wel actually I think everyone who is entited to vote should do so. My pet hate is hearing people criticise government when they haven't even bothered to vote.

  4. Merhaba Ayak Hanim, it's such an experience.
    Well, back in my country, you'll have your finger inked too, for other reason, to avoid people double vote :)).

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  6. Hi Henny...from my feeder I see you are posting from Japan? So the inking finger happens there too?

    Welcome to my blog by the way !


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