Sunday, 22 March 2009

Who will get my vote?

We are in the midst of the run-up to the local elections and the campaign is driving me nuts!

Large vans covered in enlarged photos of what feels like 100s of candidates, are patrolling the streets from dawn to dusk, with loud speakers blaring out music. I get the impression that they think that the van with the loudest music represents the candidate who will win. The competition (as far as the loudness is concerned) is fierce.

For around half an hour the other day there were no less than four vans who decided to stop along the road opposite us.....all competing with their loudspeakers...absolute bedlam. Luckily the jandarma eventually came along to get them to move on. I still don't know who I'm voting for...there are so many far I'm down to 3 candidates who are promising to improve roads, and reduce electricity and water costs.

But I think the one who will get my vote may well be the one who has the quietest, least irritating campaign song.


  1. I hate lots of urban noise and that is one thing we are blessed with in the French countryside - silence, more or less.

    It's strange how the word - jandarma - is so like gendarme. Excuse my ignorance but are there many words that are like French (I've got an awful feeling I'm about to reveal my deep ignorance of international affairs with this question).

    p.s. you are now clamped to my sidebar so I can see more or less as soon as you put new post up.

    Happy Blogging

  2. I think there probably are many similar words, but I will show my ignorance now by saying I can't remember anymore offhand!

    Our area is generally quiet but the Turks are a noisy race. Any excuse...elections are a good example, as are football matches and the Eurovision Song Contest (yes really!)


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