Saturday, 4 April 2009

Arriving in Cappadocia

As we drove into Goreme I couldn't believe my eyes. The scenery is magical. Oh I had seen all the photos but nothing prepares you for the reality. It takes your breath away.

We decided to stay in a hotel in Goreme (where they were happy for Beki to stay in our room) for a few days while we searched the area for somewhere to live.

Our friends (waiting patiently with the rats and bats in Ceyhan) wanted something in Goreme. This was and is a difficult task. Everyone wants to live in Goreme and rented accommodation is scarce. However we did find one cave house which I knew they would love and we paid the deposit for them.

Mr Ayak had also been in touch with some contacts and had been for an interview at the large carpet company in Avanos. Mr Ayak is a brilliant salesman and carpets are his speciality. It was now October ...winter season... and the job would start in March. In the meantime he worked for one of the pottery factories in Avanos, who still had a steady stream of customers through the winter.

So naturally it made sense for us to rent an apartment in Avanos. We found a suitable one..which was huge and had central heating (almost unheard of)...although it didn't work properly so we ended up having to buy a soba (wood and coal burning stove). The apartment had been newly decorated with what I can only imagine was a job-lot of bright pink paint...every room...awful...but at least it was clean.

Our friends and furniture arrived a few days later and we settled in.

Avanos is brilliant for dog-walking...lots of hills and open spaces for them to run around. I also spent many an afternoon sitting under the shade of the trees by the river watching and feeding the ducks....or strolling around the town watching the potters at work.

I liked Avanos but I longed to live in Goreme. I had friends there and I trotted back and forth on the bus, but it was impossible in winter because of the snow and temperatures around minus 20 degrees, so I felt a bit isolated.

After a year we managed to find a small house to rent in word of mouth..which is really the only way..and we set about packing up our belongings yet again!

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  1. I've never heard of Goreme but, looking at Wiki - where it mentions the fairy tale rock formations, I now want to put it on our Must Visit list.

    it looks magnificent and how wonderful for you to have lived there. Waiting agog to find out why you moved on yet again after there.


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