Sunday, 12 April 2009

Back in good old Blighty

Well I left glorious sunshine yesterday morning and arrived at Heathrow to rain yesterday afternoon and it's been drizzling ever since.

My daughter is blooming...motherhood is going to suit her ....of that I have no doubt. She is getting a little impatient now and just wants it to be over but I am pleased that my grandson has decided to wait until I arrived.

Mr Ayak continues with his latest adventure...the last I heard he was in or near Ankara.

And Beki has, as I expected, settled in well with my friends in Antalya. They tell me she has taken over their sofa and they don't mind at all. She's getting lots of long walks and is subsequently sleeping a lot so they think it's only fair that she has the most comfortable spot.

I don't have anything else to report other than I have eaten far too much chocolate today....and hope you are all having a lovely Easter!


  1. Glad you arrived safely. Interesting to hear what you make of the UK now.


  2. Home sweet home (except the weather. What's new about the weather?) Hope you enjoy the UK.

  3. Thank you both.

    Every time I visit the UK I like it a little less I'm afraid. It ceased to feel like home some years ago. If it wasn't for family, I probably wouldn't bother to visit at all.


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