Monday, 20 April 2009

D Day and waiting

It's due date today and I'm hoping my daughter doesn't have too much longer to wait.

On Friday I made a temporary move...I'm house-sitting for a friend for a week whilst she is away. It's very convenient at this particular time too because it's literally minutes away from my daughter's home.

We had a lovely day yesterday. The weather was glorious and my daughter and son-in-law came to me. We enjoyed a long leisurely brunch and a pile of Sunday newspapers out in the garden....lovely. I do hope this good weather lasts a bit longer.

Today is another milestone for me...four months since I gave up smoking....a decision made because I was determined that I didn't want my grandchild to associate this particular grandmother with the smell of an old ashtray. I am feeling a lot healthier but the downside is that I have put on weight but I'll have a go at shifting the excess later. It's a small price to pay.

Mr Ayak still continues with his latest venture/adventure. He hasn't made his fortune fact he hasn't earned much at all. But it's early days and because I'm so far away from him at the moment and I am distracted by other things, I'm not going to worry about it. Experience has taught me that it's best not to get stressed about things over which I have no control.


  1. Today's the day!

    I shall be thinking of you all today,


  2. *a pile of Sunday newspapers out in the garden....*

    dead jealous now.

    well done on the giving up smoking. I gave up eight years and four stone ago (I know I know)

    fingers crossed it's in the next couple of days.

  3. No news yet, the wee man is in no hurry to make an appearance.
    Weather is gorgeous over here as well, don't miss the rain one little bit, if I have withdrawal symptoms of being constantly wet every day,I just throw a bucket of water over my head, works a treat.
    Well done, 4 months without a cigarette, are you tempted just now with the waiting.

  4. Thanks again for all the kind words and welcome to my blog Ann! Yes I have been tempted to smoke this week but I've come too far to give in now.

    And it's now due date plus 2 and still waiting.

  5. My privilege to be here.
    No sign yet Ayak?.+ 3
    If you can get through this without a cigarette, then you wont go back.
    Shall I go out and buy you a packet of 20 just in case.


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