Monday, 6 April 2009

Mr Ayak's adventures

Mr Ayak arrived back on Sunday night after a week away. He is still persisting with trying to set up his selling/delivery business. He has, quite sensibly, decided that the tourist industry is too unpredictable and he needs to find something different.

I am a little concerned at times because Mr Ayak doesn't really have a business brain..he has attempted other ventures in the past and they've failed But if nothing else he is always optimistic about a new scheme...and always convinced that this is the one that will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams. I am of course more realistic!

This latest idea has more hope however..although no money at the moment...which is what we really need right now! He chose a partner who had a van..essential for stock of course. He filled it up with petrol and they set off. On Friday evening Mr Ayak phoned me to say that he was very angry because this wasn't working out and that he was on his way home.

OK...I was a little exasperated but I asked myself "did I really expect it to work?" and my answer of course was "no but I hoped it might".

Mr Ayak arrived home and explained what had happened. They had in fact sold their stock but his partner had insisted on staying in decent hotels, and Mr Ayak said he had never known anyone eat so much as this man, as well as smoking three packs of cigarettes a day. Whereas Mr Ayak would have preferred to stay in cheap accommodation or sleep in the van, because his aim was to earn money. Obviously this wasn't his partner's main concern, perhaps he just went along for the ride. They had a very heated argument about it but Mr Ayak had little choice in the matter as the other guy had the van.

So after using the last of their earnings on filling up with petrol they came home. However Mr Ayak spent yesterday negotiating with the owner of the factory who supplied the stock, and is hoping that he will be able to borrow a van so that he can continue with his new enterprise on his own. He feels certain that he will be able to sell well and if he does it alone, he can keep his overheads to a bare minimum.

He should be setting off again this evening with a bit of luck. He thinks he will be gone for about a month. This coincides with me heading off to the UK on Saturday for up to 6 weeks and fortunately our friends in Side, Antalya will be looking after Beki....Mr Ayak will take her down in the van before setting off on his latest adventure.

And this is really what it adventure. OK it involves looking for work and earning money, but it's satisfying his need for adventure.

Mr Ayak has to have an adventure from time to time. He doesn't know he's having an adventure and he will have another explanation for it ...but I recognised this need of his some years ago.He just finds it impossible to settle in one place for too long...hence the reason why we have moved around so much. For several years I just went along with it. He always thinks that he will find the perfect job if he looks further afield. So he would set off and I would follow. But I don't follow anymore...I just let him go and do whatever he needs to do. It works pretty well. I don't get lonely...I enjoy my own company, and when he returns we enjoy each other's company so much more.

I'd prefer it if he settled in one place with a steady job, but he wouldn't be happy...and to be honest there aren't really "steady jobs" for people here unless they are highly qualified. I am always safe in the knowledge that whenever he earns money he hands it straight over to me. When he's not earning, we just muddle through...we survive!

I spent too much of my life before I met him trying to control those around me...trying to get them to conform. In other words trying to change them into something that suited me. I tried it with Mr Ayak for a while, and he tried to oblige, but I didn't like what I was turning him into. So I've learned to let allow him to be himself. And if that means he will always be a bit of a nomad...then so be it. Finally I've found a way of life that actually works.


  1. I'm so enjoying building up this picture of your life with Mr Ayak in Turkey. From the sound of it you have worked hard in the UK and you decided to have a bit of an adventure yourself. I think it is fabulous and I bet that after a few weeks in the UK you will be desperate to return home.

    I hope Mr A makes a success of his new venture.

  2. FF: Yes I would normally be very keen to return home, but after today's events (see recent post) I'm not so sure. The feeling will pass no doubt.

    And yes I hope too that Mr A's latest scheme works.


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