Thursday, 16 April 2009

No News

I'm waiting patiently for my grandson to sign yet. I have dragged my daughter out for long walks this week in the hope that this might hurry things along, but he's clearly not ready to put in an appearance yet.

I always feel like a fish out of water every time I come back to England for a visit. It takes me several days to get used to crossing roads safely with traffic moving on the other side of the road. I fumble with the small change in my purse when paying for things in shops because I have to get used to the currency all over again. I think in Turkish lira so I find myself converting from sterling to lira whenever I spend money...I wish I didn't do this because it just reminds me how expensive it is here!

And the worse thing is adjusting to the 2 hour time difference. I'm generally an early riser...usually around 6.30am.....and now I'm waking up at around 4.30am. Of course at the other end of the day I'm falling asleep hours before everyone else.

So...this post is turning into inane drivel, which I attribute to my general feeling of anxiety....I'm often reminded that I waffle on aimlessly when I'm I'll stop now before I bore everyone to tears.


  1. You must be so excited about the baby!


  2. Hi, I hope your grandchild will arrive very soon. In the meantime, try to relax and keep awake to change your body clock to UK time :)

  3. Thinking of you and mentally urging the baby to arrive soon - jeez, that's almost as bad as all that prayer malarkey!

  4. Thank you my dear friends...and I too am urging the baby to arrive soon FF...I don't go for all this praying stuff I'm afraid..and neither does my daughter...we are just strong believers in fate.


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