Friday, 10 April 2009

Slowly making Progress

Finally, after a week of problems, Mr Ayak set off last night at around 10pm to take Beki to Antalya, before setting off to make his fortune.

He thought he had negotiated a deal on Monday for a van in exchange for his car but that fell through. Similar deals were almost struck and again fell through on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Yesterday he arranged to borrow a car, the boot and back seat both filled with his stock. We then had to squeeze Beki and her stuff into the front passenger seat and Mr Ayak (who is a large man) squashed into the driving seat. I have to say I waved them off on their journey of 500km to Antalya with a great deal of concern.

He aimed to stop on the way to sleep (fortunately he has always been able to sleep in even the most confined spaces) and then arrive at our friends home this morning.

I spoke to him at 7 am and he is around 80km from his destination, and both he and Beki are fine.

We made the decision yesterday to make the move to my father-in-law's house when I return from England, but I can't even think about that at the moment. I will be washing, ironing and packing, and tomorrow I set off for England and the imminent birth of Grandson No 1.
There may not be time to post so much for the next few weeks, but I'll keep you updated as and when I can.
Just a last word from me to all my new blogger friends... many many thanks for your encouragement and support xxx


  1. Ayak,

    1. Have a good, happy, worry free trip to Blighty.

    2. On your return, I hope the stress falls away from your shoulders.

    Keep us in the loop as much as you feel!


  2. I'm so glad I've not missed the chance to wish you a great trip to the UK, lots of wonderful baby moments - with your own baby and her little baby. When you return into the loving arms of Mr A and kisses from Beki - may they make up for everything rotten that has happened lately.

  3. Have a wonderful trip and come home safe and relaxed.


  4. TAF, FF and GG: Thank you very much for your good wishes xxx

  5. Have a fab trip, can't wait to see a pic of the baby.

  6. Thanks Jazzy...I'll keep you posted


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