Saturday, 30 May 2009

Home Sweet Home

Phew what a week! My feet haven't touched the ground.
I set off on Monday at 4.30am and arrived at my new home at around 5.00pm local time. I just had time to glance at the house, dump my luggage and gaze in amazement at the magnificent scenery, before setting off on a 980km round trip (overnight) with Mr Ayak to collect Beki from our friends in Antalya.
She was very pleased to see us and seems to have had a wonderful holiday.
So at around 5pm on Tuesday I finally had chance to look at my home properly. The house ıs very sweet. It still needs a bit of work but Mr Ayak and his father have been very busy in my absence making sure I had an inside toilet to use (rather than the Turkish squat in the garden) fact we are, I believe, the only people in the village who have a toilet inside. Time, technology and mod cons seem to have passed people by here...but it all adds to the charm. The view from the house is to die just takes my breath away...nothing but fields, trees and mountains. We are up quite high, which gives us an uninterrupted panorama...although the climb up the narrow unsurfaced roads is hard going and will keep me fit...thank goodness I gave up smoking in December or I would never manage it!
The neighbours nearest to us..dotted about in their ramshackle stone houses seem to be elderly widows who keep sheep, cows and chickens. Three of them descended on me a couple of days ago and they were lovely. I know I have mentioned problems with neighbours before, but Turkish village people are almost a different race. They accept people at face value and are completely non-judgmental. Most of the farming land (including ours) is on the outskirts of the village at the bottom of the hillside. We have olive trees (there is an olive pressing factory here),
almonds, walnuts, pomegrantes, peaches, figs, lemons and pears.
On Wednesday Beki went missing for three hours. It was impossible to see where she could have managed to get out of the garden, but she did. I was absolutely distraught because I felt certain she must have either got lost or injured herself and that we'd never see her again. Mr Ayak searched and insisted I stayed at the house in case she returned...which she eventually did. She looked very pleased with herself but smelled very strongly of either sheep or cow excrement and had a few she was immediately dragged into the shower. No harm done!
I'm missing Billy so much, but at least I have plenty to keep myself occupied, so no time to dwell on it. I already have my flight booked for October and hope my daughter manages to get her laptop fixed soon so that we can talk on skype and I can "see" them every day.
I have only just managed to gain access to the internet, but it's a little hit and miss at the moment, so I'm quickly typing this whilst I have the chance. So if you don't see me again for a while it will be due to circumstances beyond my control!


  1. Glad you're arrived in your new home safely.

    God news re loo, you'll be abe to offer guided tours,


  2. Not only guided tours GG...thought I could probably charge for the use of...hehe!

  3. I'm officially ' not really here' - but couldn't resist leaving my mark on your page. So glad you are back safe and sound and that you even have an inside loo - I bet all the village ladies must think you are a princess in secret exile


  4. I'm the only foreigner in the village FF...bit like the only gay in Little Britain! They do think I'm strange of course because Beki lives in the house. They haven't seen the loo yet...I'm saving that up for a special treat for them!

  5. Oh so glad you are back Ayak, and everything sounds wonderful.
    The view is stunning, so beautiful, and an inside toilet, wow, what's one of those, you mean a toilet inside the house, never knew they had things like that.
    Happy to see you.


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