Sunday, 10 May 2009


Well it's done...he's moved! And if I keep counting slowly to 10, whilst breathing deeply, I am remaining quite calm. Although I do seem to have to do this quite a lot, but it's early days!

He seems very enthusiastic about the house and keeps telling me that "when everything's finished" I will be very comfortable there.
There is no kitchen..well there is a room which is called a kitchen...but it's empty...not to mention the outside toilet (again).

My father-in-law has promised to pay for two-thirds of the cost of the work if we come up with the other third first. We have two alternatives here. We can wait for a while until Mr Ayak is earning enough to pay our third. Or I could take money on my credit card and send it now so that I will have a kitchen when I return on the 25th. So...the credit card option won...the money has already been sent and I am now relaxing considerably. could be worse couldn't it? Mr Ayak might have offered to instal the kitchen himself...and that doesn't bear thinking about, as his solution to fixing things or in fact any kind of DIY is simply to take a hammer to it. He doesn't seem to realise that there are other tools available.

So I now have two weeks remaining to enjoy my grandson and to wonder what will face me when I return home.

Life's just one big adventure isn't it?


  1. Now, I wonder if the kitchen will be done? We had a kitchen that was supposed to be done in two weeks, but took six.... and then they botched it...

  2. Oh Ayak, lost for words. Fingers crossed there are nice surprises for when you get a look at the new home. We've got a spare room :)

  3.'s done! I had no doubts that it would be done very quickly...this the sort of thing that the Turks are good at..when you want something done..they do it immediately.
    Although whether I'll like it is another matter. Mr Ayak's ideas on interior design often leave a lot to be desired!

    FF...thankyou for the offer of a spare room...I hope I will be so delighted with my new home that I won't need to take you up on it!

  4. Well done to Mr. Ayak! He has moved successfully. Now, he also has installed the new kitchen! Believe me, in this country, it would have taken a lot more time. Thank god the Turks are good with DIY!!

  5. Oh that is wonderful Ayak, pleased for you, all will be well, you will love the place.
    Can beat you TAF, ordered a kitchen, 4 months later still waiting, said it would be ready in a month, I know it was made by hand, but even so, we decided to take matters into our own hands, called at his house, told him we were going to sit outside every night until kitchen was installed.
    Two weeks later we had a kitchen, it was beautiful
    Now if only the damn plumber would turn up,asked him before Christmas if he would come and fix a tap in a bathroom, still waiting, and he is a neighbour.
    Ayak, I had not seen this house before we came, we thought we had bought a house, they wanted €50000, we refused, bought this within two weeks, when I came over to live, the house was a wreck, now it is beautiful, there is nothing that cannot be fixed, with superglue of course.


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