Thursday, 7 May 2009


So...Mr Ayak is back in Selcuk and is at this moment packing up the contents of our home to move to the house near Bodrum. He has been to see the new house and tells me it's "fantastic" which I will interpret as "not as bad as I thought it would be".

If he wants to tell me something he thinks I won't like he sounds me out first. If he thinks I'm in a good mood he'll take a chance on telling me. Like he did a couple of days ago when he decided I should know that the toilet is outside...and it's a Turkish "squat" toilet. Deep breath...count to to 10...remain calm. I'm fine with it...yes honestly! I really don't mind having to rough it a bit for a while because I believe the end result will be worth it.

I'm really more concerned about the packing up and moving but there's really nothing I can do about it. I keep telling myself that if anything gets damaged or lost, it doesn't matter. They are only material things and not important. But somehow the feeling of anxiety just won't go away.

So I am trying to distract myself. Of course spending time with Billy helps...yes that's him on the right (gorgeous isn't he?).

My son-in-law's parents and I have been invited to dinner tomorrow night and my son-in-law is cooking. He is proving to be a wonderful husband and father and I am very impressed.

My daughter and son-in-law have been invited out for dinner on the 16th and have asked me to babysit. My daughter says there is no-one that she would be prepared to leave Billy with at this time, except me. So of course I am deeply honoured ...and delighted!

I've been using the time here to catch up with friends which is great. The friend I house-sat for a couple of weeks ago has asked me to go to shopping with her today, along with her sisters. This should be quite an experience. She has 4 older sisters....and 3 of them are looking for outfits to wear at my friend's son's wedding in July. I think my role will be to give my friend some moral support. I haven't seen any of her sisters since I moved to Turkey nearly 11 years ago so I'm quite looking forward to meeting up with them but I think the shopping itself could be quite exhausting.

I am naturally spending far too much money during my stay here...or should I say...using my credit card much more than I should. In this respect I can't wait to return home and my simple, inexpensive, non-materialistic life!


  1. Ayak, he is absolutely gorgeous as Scots would say he is bonny!! Good luck with packing and moving!

  2. What a lovely little baby. You must be so happy and proud.

    Anyway - re the new toilet least it's not the rainy season.

    I bet lots of the plastic is going on Billy - it's a grandmother's perogative.

  3. ASD and FF...thank you xx

    And yes FF you're right..that's where the plastic's going!

  4. ASD is right, he is a bonny wee bairn,
    Tell Mr Ayak I shall send him some of my superglue if he wishes, buy it by the box loads, there is nothing this magic ingredient cannot fix.
    Enjoy your meal tonight.

  5. Roughing it with a squat toilet? A french motorway services special?

    Well. It could be worse, you could have to empty the bucket out of an upstairs window onto a cobbled street...

  6. Yes I'll mention the superglue Ann...and thanks I'm looking forward to tonight!

    Yes TAF...of course it could be much worse!

  7. At least there's a could have been a spade job!

    It'll be worth it, and not only are you there with the wondrous Billy who looks just lovely and I'm dead jealous! you're out of the way for the move.




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