Monday, 15 June 2009


They've been getting into my electrical things. I mentioned that my year-old laptop had died and due to a 3 month wait for it to be repaired I have had to buy a new one.

A week before the kettle died. Mr Ayak took it apart (groan) in an attempt to fix it..but the hammer didn't do the trick this a new one was purchased.

We had new curtain tracks to fit so out came the electric life in it at all. Out came Mr Ayak's hammer again...and you've guessed repair possible. We tried to get it repaired in town but it was cheaper to buy a new one.

On Friday the vacuum cleaner let out an enormous puff of smoke and dust ...coughed...and died. This didn't really come as a surprise because it's been on it's last legs for some time and actually throws out more than it picks up. So we bought a new one.

The washing machine is doing strange things at the moment. Sometimes it starts a cycle...sometimes it doesn't. I shouted at it..."don't you dare die"...and I think I scared the washing machine gremlin because for the last day or so it's been OK.

These damn gremlins even get into the plumbing. Somehow they are causing water to leak through the bathroom wall into the bedroom. As a result there is a damp patch on the bedroom wall that's getting bigger.

So yesterday morning, fairly early, Mr Ayak armed with his hammer, switched off the water at the mains, shut himself in the bathroom and prepared to attack the plumbing gremlin.

I was naturally quite concerned because as you know DIY really isn't Mr Ayak's forte. He spent a whole day in the bathroom. He located the leak, but not before having smashed several tiles with his hammer in the process. He then removed the taps...but damaged them before replacing had to go out and buy new ones. He returned with the taps and a man. The man fitted the taps in a flash....but the leak is still there. After another couple of hours in the bathroom Mr Ayak assures me that it's all under control (why don't I believe him?).

And this is where I sign off for today,because I have to wake Mr Ayak early this morning as he has promised to fill in the holes in the bathroom wall before he goes to work.

Oh...and I've hidden the hammer...


  1. Tried the hammer and kettle one myself Ayak, it never works, my motto is " hammer and superglue work wonders ", ( sometimes ), funny how everything happens at once.

    I think Mr Ayak and I must be related, as I read the things he does, I think, oh yes I have done that, been there, bought the t-shirt, we cannot help it.

    You see Ayak, in our minds, hammers fix everything, and when they don't fix the everything, cue the superglue, now you cannot argue with our logic, can you?.

  2. Pour yourself a glass of wine, settle down on the new verandah and enjoy the view.

    He'll be happy clattering around making a mess for hours so put your feet up,


  3. Ann: Haha...I wouldn't dare argue with that logic!

    GG:Very good advice...which I took...but of course then had the mess to clear up after! Ah well...

  4. Unfortunately Ayak, this is our only fault, we do tend to make rather a lot of mess.

  5. I'm myself never good at DIY and technologies Ayak. My laptop is on its last leg. On my birthday, my brother sent me a digital camera which is the first ever digital camera I own. The only thing he forgot was that my laptop hasn't got a DVD player to download the digital camera software! Touch wood, the kettle at home is still working!

  6. Well we can't all be good at everything ASD. I do try to discourage Mr Ayak from doing DIY as much as possible...hiding the hammer helps!

    Hope you're enjoying your digital's on my wish list...but way down on the list as there are many more priorities at the moment.


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