Thursday, 18 June 2009

Magic Moments

There are times when I really wish I had a camcorder. This afternoon has been one of them.

A rampant male donkey has been terrorising the village. It would seem that there is a female donkey here on heat and this highly-sexed male donkey (use your imagination) has been charging about, chased by a gaggle of village women...shouting and throwing stones. No-one seems to know who he belongs to. He was obviously tethered but the strength of his desire has enabled him to break free.

Beki was barking at him as he passed our house. He stopped...hee-hawed at her...and gave our gate a good kicking. Beki retreated into the house... quickly followed by me and we are continuing to watch the spectacle from the window.

It's been going on for about two hours now. Mr Donkey is going round in circles...he passes our house every 10 minutes or so, and the numbers of women chasing him are increasing.

I don't really know what they are trying to do. It would seem a little pointless to me to keep chasing him round in circles. Surely it would be better to try and catch him? Try to calm him down?

Or maybe this is what passes for entertainment here and the women are simply having fun!


  1. Laughing at this, Donkey on heat, running round and round, women folk chasing, Ayak, hiding in house with Beki, should I say only in Turkey Ayak.

    We once had a donkey, it was given to us, told it would keep down the grass, beautiful donkey, so placid, I decided to get on her back, jeez almighty, she set off, me hanging onto her back, and she flung me off right in the middle of a bed of high nettles, Mr Ann, delirious with laughter.

    The postman was terrified of her, we would get phone calls from people in the village, can you come and get your donkey, it is eating all the flowers, so off I would set down the lane, and bring her home, no matter how we tethered her, she always got off.

    We gave her to somebody who had other mental donkey's, now you know why she was given to us in the first place.

  2. Very funny Ann...can just imagine it. I love donkeys...probably because they are a bit mental! I hasten to add by the way that even though the women were throwing stones...they weren't intended to hit the donkey..just to scare him off. Quite clearly didn't work.

  3. Haha at Ann's donkey story. Glad you mentioned that the stones didn't hit the poor randy creature. Life does sound different where you are.

    Have you seen Billy on the webcam yet?


  4. Yes FF I have seen Billy on webcam. For the first time yesterday actually. My daughter still hasn't had her laptop fixed but she found the old webcam in the cupboard and fixed up to the old pc. Sound not good and picture very fuzzy..but better than nothing!

  5. Did you not go out and join in to bond with the village ladies Ayak?

  6. I miss seeing pictures of wee Billy.
    Goodness me, I have lots of funny stories of animals, from one eyed Jack the dog, to the goose with the broken wing who chased the poor postman down the drive, can you see the theme here.

    If only I had a blog to write about them all.

  7. Jazzy: No I didn't! I'm putting off bonding at the moment.

    Aha Ann...that's you've admitted do want a blog. Well start's easy. Come on we're waiting!

  8. Jazzy, when they were all dizzy, and could run no more, she invited them all into the house for Raki, the donkey was included of course.
    That's called Ayak bonding.

  9. He he he, you know I jest my dearest.

  10. Aha Ann...that's you've admitted do want a blog. Well start's easy. Come on we're waiting!

    He he he, you know I jest my dearest.

  11. I think I'm going to start a petition officially urging Ann to begin a blog

    (Ayak - glad you got to see a fuzzy silent Billy - as you say it's better than nowt)

  12. It must be hell being male.

    We have an amorous tom cat yelling his love songs on our verandah every night in the forlorn hope that there's a female in the garden,


  13. We have crows feeding their young, what a racket they make.

  14. Love is blind and so is lust! Poor, poor Mr. Donkey! All he wanted was to have a gallop. But instead, he's been chased. Oh wait, do donkeys gallop? I know some humans do! My ex boyfriend, for example. He's an Italian and he rides horses. When he wanted to have pleasure, he says, "Darling, let's have a gallop" :-)

  15. PS. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Sorry that you can't get on to my page. It must be some techinical fault with blogspot. I'm glad it's been solved though.

  16. FF: Yes we have to get Ann blogging!

    GG: Yes I did indeed feel very sorry for the donkey. He was only reacting to his natural instincts..and there are all these females discouraging him...Poor boy.

    ASD: "Lets have a gallop"...I like it!
    I'm glad I'm able to get back into your blog again. Yes it was a blogspot problem..but I found a very helpful person on their forum who told me that blogs that you can't get into can also be viewed direct from your google account...not ideal but better than nothing. But now it seems to be OK anyway.


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