Thursday, 11 June 2009

No complaints...surprisingly!

The photo has nothing whatever to do with today's post...but I don't need an excuse to post another pic of Billy do I?

We were expecting the men yesterday morning to complete the enclosing of our terrace with windows and doors....and to fix metalwork and steps to the balcony. By 10.30 am there was no sign of them so Mr Ayak set off to see what was holding things up. He phoned to say they were still building the panels etc and that he would stay there to encourage them to work a little faster.

He phoned me throughout the day, saying it won't be long now...perhaps another hour. But after he said this several times, I decided to just expect them when they were ready.

They eventually turned up at 9.45pm and it was dark, but that didn't deter them from setting to work. They worked until around 2.30am and the noise was unbelievable...drilling, banging, welding etc.

I was quite anxious about keeping the neighbours awake. We British are always concerned about upsetting our neighbours...we are so used to complaints about the slightest thing. Well of course there are Turks who like to complain about their neighbours too as I have experienced, but this just never seems to happen in villages. In fact two neighbours actually turned up at around 1.00am to see if there was anything they could do to help! And a few others have popped round this morning to admire the building work and to wish us well. We apologised for the noise in the early hours, but they just brushed it aside saying it was absolutely not a problem.

Anyway...the builders are due back today to finish off. It's looking really good so far, but there's a lot of cleaning and tidying up to do. Mr Ayak was up until 5am clearing up most of the mess, he's had a couple of hours sleep, and he has started his new job today...just hope he can last out the day on so little sleep.


  1. Ha ha delightful photo Ayak! He´s wonderful - looks like a happy angel!!

    Get your hands asap on a cheap digital camera so we can see the finished work. Curioisty killed tha cat and all that he he.


  2. Yes I must do something about that Chris. I found a disposable camera so I've taken some pics...I'll get it processed and put on a cd..that should do for now.

  3. Does it feel like home now you've settled in?


  4. GG...Yes it does feel like home now. I am a natural home-maker and have to put everything in it's place and make my home comfortable. Even though I've moved so many times I can still make a house a home in a short time.


  5. Not a natural homemaker, I try, and fail, too messy and clumsy, oh well.

    Billy, what can you say, the wee man is so beautiful.

    You know what I was thinking Ayak, okay, going to tell you anyway, you know that ha!, how wonderful it must be for you to finally have your own home, the security, the fact when you walk through the door it is all yours and Mr Ayak's, you are not a tenant, nor do you have to worry about unscrupulous owners taking advantage of you both, the weight from that must be tremendous.

  6. certainly has lifted a huge weight from my are absolutely right. And I couldn't have chosen a more beautiful place to live out the rest of my life.

  7. Ayak, Billy is absolutely gorgeous, and it looks like your life has taken a turn for the better, and THAT is great news. It's great to hear from you again! I'll be visiting often.

  8. Hi Astro. Thanks for popping in. It was great to catch up with you again. (I've emailed you)



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