Friday, 26 June 2009

The Turkey Journey...continued

Now...where were we? Before we were interrupted by the birth of my grandson during my 6 week trip to England, and the moving house and area?

I was telling you about where I've lived and we had reached Goreme.

I did tell you all about Cappadocia and how beautiful it is. Now I'll tell you a little about the time I spent living there.

Goreme was a turning point in my more ways than one. It was my first experience of Turkish village life and also my first experience of living alone in Turkey (more about that later).

I also added new skills to my repertoire. I started working in a small cafe which specialised in borek and gozleme and learned how to make them...this is an actual picture of them from the cafe I worked in.

It was a tiny cafe with an impossibly small kitchen, and I worked with the owner Refik. It was very popular and we were always busy and between us we had to do everything. Buy provisions, prep food, clean the cafe, lay tables, serve customers with drinks, cook food and serve, wash-up, etc etc. Looking back I don't know where I got my energy from. It must have been something to do with the good clean air!

During this time, Mr Ayak and I went through some personal problems and the result was that we split up for 18 months. I told him to go...sort his life out...and let me know when he'd managed it. I'm not going into details about the problem...suffice to say it was nothing to do with anyone else (Mr Ayak and I have always been totally faithful to each other even when we've been apart). But it was...we both agreed...the right thing to do at the time.

We did however keep in touch. Mr Ayak phoned constantly to see if I was managing on my own. I was in fact managing very well and actually enjoying the challenge of living on my own in Turkey. I learned some very useful lessons about survival in a different country.

Workwise, when the cafe became to much I spent a short time in an antique shop, but the money wasn't very good so I moved to a very nice gift shop. It wasn't always busy and there was a computer there ...which was where I first experienced the internet...and gradually taught myself (by trial and error) how to find my way around the world wide web.

18 months passed quickly in terms of work, but during my times alone in the evenings I missed Mr Ayak's company. But I was determined that I wouldn't back down on the ultimatum I'd given him.

Eventually we were both satisfied that we could move forward with our lives together in a more positive way, and he had achieved what he had set out to I packed up and moved to Selcuk.

An important lesson was learned by both of us during this time apart. It's not wise to totally rely on someone else because you never know when they may no longer be there. We both know for sure now that, although our lives are much happier and richer for being together...if we have to survive without each other...we can do it.


  1. GG: One of THE most important I think.

    MelRox: Thankyou xx
    And welcome to my blog!

  2. Can you speak Turkish quite well, Ayak? I guess you must be able to - unless the antique shop relied on passing American and British tourists.

    It is always good to know that one can survive on one's own. Having said that, I have never lived by myself. Even when I moved away from home I always did a flat share - sometimes the sharer was away for long spells so I was physically by myself, but he would always return sooner or later.I think I'd be able to manage because I have turned into a studyer - and if alone I would just throw myself into it more than ever and probably become a bit of a recluse.

    We do what we must I guess. Glad you and Mr A are happier together than apart.

  3. No my Turkish isn't very good FF. I get by but I wish I was better. The antique shop customers were mostly English-speaking foreigners.

    I learned a great deal about myself during my time alone...I'd strongly recommend it to anyone. We never know when we may have no choice but to be alone, so it's good to be prepared and know we can cope.

  4. Insightful post as always Ayak.


  5. Chris: You're very kind...thanks xx

    JPT: Thankyou...and welcome xx

  6. Such a good post oh wise one, you got your energy because you had to Ayak, it is amazing what we can find when we dig deep inside ourselves.

    You live your life now without the clutter of " must haves ", you scrape by at times with very little money, yet Ayak you are rich in everything, perhaps this is a lesson to us all.

  7. Very kind and generous words Ann...thankyou. I haven't always been wise (far from it!) fact it only seems to have happened in very recent years. It's been an uphill struggle getting there!

  8. Life's lessons are difficult to learn but ultimately rewarding. You handled your predicament very well I must say. Unless you can be happy by yourself, no one else can make you happy by being with you. Thank you for sharing...

  9. ..and thankyou for your comments gaelikaa...welcome to my blog xx

  10. How's the verandah? I bet many a lovely evening is spent sipping chilled drinks out there, Becki at your feet (I know I've mispelt her name again - it just won't stay in my head -sorry)

  11. You got there Ayak, and that is the main thing, many don't, respect to you for your AMAZING journey, and your wonderful blog.

    Methinks FF is hankering for a trip to see the verandah, or is it the cool chilled drinks she longs for ( Bacardi and coke, plenty of ice, hold the lemon, for me please ), call for me on the way FF.

  12. FF: It's looking good! I had some friends visit last week and they took photos..waiting to receive them then I can post here.

    And yes do call for Ann on the way'll both be most welcome xx


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