Friday, 5 June 2009

A work of Art

....yes a work of art. The completed balcony that is. It's not just's lovely. Mr Ayak finished it last night. One of the old ladies came round and insisted on doing the finishing touches to the wet cement with the trowel. I don't think she actually made any difference, but Mr Ayak just stepped back and let her do it.

Not only is it finished, but at the same time Mr Ayak has been clearing the garden of weeds and rubble. This is necessary as there are lots of snakes about at this time of year. Most of the villagers have put down poison, but we can't because of Beki. So the best solution is to clear the garden, just leaving flat soil, so the snakes have nowhere to hide.

We have some cement and sand left over so Mr Ayak is going to make an area for Beki. There is a delapidated building in the garden, which we have plans in the future to renovate for guests to stay in. But that's a long way off. It has a rickety shelter at the front with a grapevine growing over it. Beki likes this spot as it is shady, but she finds it difficult to get comfortable because the ground is uneven. So today it will be levelled out and cemented and become Beki's terrace.

You may be wondering about Mr Ayak's job? The travelling/selling business wasn't really successful. He couldn't make enough money. It did satisfy his lust for wandering for a month though. Before he started work on the balcony he had been out searching for work locally. He is desperate to get out of tourism because it's so unpredictable and the season is short, but there's absolutely nothing going. The season in this area doesn't really start till mid-June, and even then bosses won't take on staff until absolutely the last minute. So he's seen a lot of people, who have his details, and will now just have to wait for a phone call. Although he's planning another blitz of the area this weekend..just in case he's missed anything.

It's not an easy way to live...every year we have the same problems. I used to get very stressed about it all, but after 11 years I've realised that we can't change things, so we just have to go with it. He manages to earn money for part of the year...hands it all over to me....and we get by. I am reassured to a certain extent that by no means are we the only ones going through this.

At least now the burden of finding monthly rent money has been taken is the risk of being evicted if we can't pay.

At long last I'm starting to feel secure.


  1. Oh that is just wonderful Ayak.
    Perhaps Mr Ayak has found his vocation in life, a rustic balcony builder, which turns out to be quite lovely.

  2. Well you never know Ann...stranger things have happened!

  3. That must be such a relief to know that you're secure and not at the mercy of the rent collector.

    Enjoy your new home,



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