Friday, 24 July 2009

Being Positive

I thought I really ought to follow the previous post with a more positive one.

And incidentally...whilst I was just pondering on this I received a phone call from Mr Ayak to say he has just crashed the car (this is the 35 yr old car that he recently swopped his motor bike for...hmm..motor bikes, cars and mobile phones...another story for another day I think!)

Anyway, he was checked over at the hospital and he is fine. The car is damaged (I don't know how badly) but fortunately it was another driver's fault so will be repaired on his insurance.

But...not to be deterred...I am going to produce a list of some of the positive things about life in Turkey:

1. The people...the majority of whom are friendly, welcoming and generous.

2. The scenery...whether by the sea or in the countryside, this country has the most spectacular
scenery I have ever experienced anywhere.

3. Fresh fruit and vegetables...that taste like they should. And they are very cheap.

4. And talking of "cheap" the cost of living for foreigners is incredibly low. It's the ideal country
for retirement as it's possible to live very well ...even on just a state pension.

5. For me...the standard of living that I have here far outweighs anything I could achieve if I
were living in the UK on my small pension. Rental accommodation is very reasonable. In
fact so much so that I would recommend renting rather than buying.

6. Oh...I almost forgot to mention the weather! If you are a sunworshipper...the summers are
perfect for you. Spring and Autumn are glorious and winters are fairly mild...depending on the
area of course...but it's a big country with a range of climates to suit everyone.

There are lots more positive things about this beautiful country...but you should come and see for yourselves!


  1. Sometimes things just get to us and it is good to let off steam. We all know you love it (and Mr A) to bits out there. You make it sound very inviting - perhaps one day I will drag Mr FF over. Don't worry, we don't like staying with people :)

  2. The people in Turkey are the most friendly I have ever met.
    It is very difficult not to make friends there. What I particularly appreciate about them is their openness to strangers, relaxed attitude and sense of humor.

    The cuisine is out of this world.
    I will post a review about a fabulous döner place in Selcuk.
    There lamb döner is out of this world. I wish they could do long distance take away, because I would have them on my speed dial.

    The fruit and vegetable´s are heavenly, never tasted such wonderful produce. Cannot be compared to the sour muck we call vegetable´s in Northern Europe.

    I agree about the renting, I could never figure out why the Ex-pats were so gung-ho on purchasing property. My mother made inquiries and she could rent a huge villa for peanuts. And if you move away from the tourist towns it is another story altogether.

    Nice post Ayak.


  3. FF...yes you're right of course. The need to let off steam once in a while. Life isn't would be pretty boring if it were. And you and Mr FF would be most welcome to visit us...even if you refuse to stay!


    Actually I'd really love you to do a review on Selcuk. I know you love it there and even though I lived there for a while, you know all he places of interest better than I do. When you get around to doing it...let me know and I will post up a link to it on here...and at the same time just add a little bit from me on my personal experience of Selcuk.

  4. Have holidayed in Turkey for the last fifteen years, mainly in the Olu, Fethiye region - also visited Kusadasi, Ephesus and Gumusluk.

    Yes the scenery is beautiful wherever, but Olu remains my favourite holiday destination.

    Love the blog.

  5. Thankyou Anonymous and welcome to my blog.

    You are a good advert for holidaying in Turkey..I bet after your first visit you were hooked and didn't really find anywhere else to compare?

  6. I was certainly hooked after my first visit to Olu Ayak.

    Although the area, like most places has become more comercialised over the years, at least there is no high rise hotels and the mountains don't permit too much expansion.

    I have enjoyed holidays elsewhere, but do always make comparisons with Turkey.

  7. Well I hope you continue to enjoy many more holidays here xx

  8. I haven't got a negative impression of Turkey or Mr Ayak. An affectionate portrayal

  9. Hi Ayak!

    I will certainly let you know. I even have a picture of the döner ha ha!

    I also have some footage I want to edit, but that will be some time in the future.


  10. Reading your blog does make me want to visit Turkey some day Ayak. I have awarded you the Honest Scrap award so pass it on.


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