Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Birthday Wishes

No...this isn't a post to wish myself a Happy Birthday. I was just thinking about how birthday greetings today are so different. Once upon a time we just sent birthday cards in the post.

In today's internet age we now have on-line cards...often animated and funny...and particularly useful when you have friends and family dotted around the world, and you're not sure whether a posted card will reach them in time...or at all. So I've had quite a few of those today.

I've had three cards from England...from my grandson (ahh!) and my brother...which I collected from my post box in Milas yesterday...and they are the important ones.

I've also had text message greetings and emails from various forums that I've joined but no longer use...and also from a Turkish bank where I have an account which only contains 2 ytl (less than a pound).

But the most useful birthday greeting came this morning when I switched on the TV to get the news. Digiturk not only wish me a happy birthday, but as I only subscribe to the quite limited economy package, they have given me unlimited access to every channel for 7 days. Now bearing in mind that I'm resting my ankle...and it's too hot to venture out anyway...this couldn't be more welcome...

Pass the popcorn.....


  1. Enjoy the next seven days of TV watching!

  2. you are so right... beautifully written...

  3. Thanks LadyFi and MelRox xx

    and welcome to my blog ladyFi

  4. Happy Birthday to Billy's Grandma


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  6. Happy Birthday Granny Ayak, sorry forgot about your birthday, can you not use last years card he he.

    This is where we differ from Ireland, no way would you get a free anything, so put your feet up, yes even the dodgy one, and enjoy.

    Is it all in Turkish?.

  7. Thanks Ann xx

    I have indeed been known to use last year's cards on ccasions when the post has been so bad here and none have arrived!

    Oh no not all Turkish progs..lots of good movie channels and stuff...brilliant!

  8. I feel so bad now dearest, a card is on its way, not only did I forget you, my Aunt Jean in Glasgow has a birthday tomorrow, so two cards are on their way.

    So put my last years up until this years arrives, which should take about its usual month ha!.

    Oh so glad the programmes are in English, makes life a lot easier.

  9. Oh please don't feel bad about the card don't have to! Although I shall look forward to it when it arrives...perhaps I should keep it for next year?

  10. Spoke to Aunt Jean yesterday, did you get my card says I innocently, no said Aunt Jean, oh well was my reply, you know what the post is like, shame on you Ann.
    You can put last years, and this years up, next year.

  11. Oh you bad girl Ann..fancy lying to your Aunt Jean!

  12. It wasn't exactly a lie Ayak, more a distribution of the truth, I did say the card was in the post.

    Well by writing that, it makes me feel better ha!!.

  13. Belated happy birhday from me too.

    Feet up and enjoy the telly!


  14. Belated birthday greetings Ayak!


  15. Thanks! My last day of free channels today so making the most of it.


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