Friday, 31 July 2009

The continuing saga of Mr Ayak's jobs.

I mentioned a little while ago that Mr Ayak was working at a hotel in the area, but as it is too costly to travel back and forth each day, he is staying in personnel accommodation. This has the added advantage of saving us money on food as they feed him too.

It was agreed that they would pay him on a daily basis...definitely preferable to the "work and wait for money" situation that we normally find ourselves in. And they did indeed do this. However the amount paid was far less than originally promised. An all too familiar story.

He came back after 5 days and handed over some money...a pathetically small amount...but better than nothing. Early the following morning he set off back to work and crashed the car. I did mention this in a previous post. He went to hospital but he wasn't hurt. But the car is off the road. Fortunately the fault lies with another car involved and his insurance will pay for the repairs. This is not straightforward. The insurance claim has been submitted by the driver but has to await approval before the work can be carried out. And a week later ... approval is still in the pipeline...and the car is sitting in a workshop...waiting. Aaargh...the Turkish disease...waiting...waiting for come they are so patient?

In the meantime, Mr Ayak informed the hotel of his situation, and in view of the fact that they were hardly paying him anything anyway, decided he would have to...yet again...look closer to home for another job.

Through a friend of a friend of a friend, he secured another job. He was a little reluctant to tell me what it involved at first and would just say that it was introducing customers..acting as a go-between as it were. Then when he finally told me that it was in a bar...outside Milas, introducing clients to prostitutes, I realised that whatever you liked to call this is what it is...isn't it?
(Just as a matter of interest Prostitution is legalised in Turkey. Sex workers have to be licensed and they have regular health checks etc. )

Anyway..Mr Ayak was pretty embarrassed about the job and said that he would rather I hadn't known about it. But needs must...and he has to earn money and was prepared to do anything. He was due to start work this evening.

On Wednesday evening he had a call from the boss at the hotel, asking him to come back.....with the promise of more money. So he has rejected the Milas bar job and he set off with his packed bag again yesterday to catch 4 buses. I don't know when he'll manage to get home again. I don't know if the boss talking about more money is just a false promise.

But at least the next time someone asks me what my husband does for a living I won't have to say...well actually he's a pimp!


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  2. I've just realised that my comment looks as though I have not realised that he is not in fact going to tout for business there - but is returning to the hotel job. I did realise but thought I'd dwell on the sex angle :p

  3. Yes but it's an interesting topic isn't it FF?

    I agree with you and I don't disapprove of prostitution at all...except I would strongly disapprove of Mr Ayak using one. In fact when he was talking about the salary that was promised, and that there could be tips as first comment was "well as long as the tips are not in the form of sexual favours it's ok"! To which he looked absolutely horrified!

  4. As you say, one does what one has to do and there is nothing wrong with touting for business for anything - as long as it brings the money in. It is the oldest profession after all.

    I've thought for a long time now that brothels should be licenced in England and that compulsory sexual health checks should be put in place. I see nothing shameful about men (or perhaps women as well) going to pay for sexual favours.

  5. Your last sentence really made me laugh Ayak, Mr Ayak and his adventures would make a fab movie I think, hope the hotel boss job does indeed keep his promise

  6. Oh not again Ayak, I had hoped this year would be different, maybe, just maybe Mr Ayak will get some decent money.

    I would rather he stayed as a pimp, now that sounds so good, what does your partner do, well he has quite a good job actually, he is a pimp in a bar outside Milas, the pay is not great, but the health care is free ha!.

    Oh this man of yours Ayak, though you have to give him 10 out of 10 for trying.

  7. Jazzy: Yes I think it's indeed better to laugh than cry!

    Ann: Yes he is trying...vERY trying lol.

    I was talking to a friend in another part of Turkey yesterday and she tells me it's the same everywhere. So many people are out of work. Of course I can see it for myself..the teahouses are full of unemployed men at the moment. We have similar problems most years, but I have to say this has most definitely been the worst since I moved here 11 years ago. Fingers crossed it gets better next year.

  8. Fingers crossed indeed... for Mr Ayak, for you, and for everyone else. Tough, tough times.

  9. Indeed they are Astro...but we're better off than a lot of people. At least we have a roof over our heads... sadly many don't.

  10. The music industry really has glamorized the pimp during the last decade. Especially so in hip hop.

    I have nothing against the trade as long as the prostitute´s are free to leave,paid for their services and not violated in any way.

    I guess one of the downside´s are the customers. There could be some dodgy one´s that could cause him grief.

  11. He's determined to find work though, something to be really proud of,


  12. Ayak , you really should think about writing a book,you give such wonderfull insights into your lives,then when it becomes a best seller you can both sit back and enjoy!!!!!

  13. Hi Maz: I see you are exploring in the depths of my archives!
    It has been suggested a few times about my writing a book. I couldn't do it. I don't have the patience. Blogging is different. I get an idea and I just write it. Writing a book would put me under pressure and then I wouldn't enjoy it. (Of course..if someone offered to take hold of my blog, shake it up and produce a book out of it, then that would be brilliant!)


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