Monday, 13 July 2009


Distraction No. 1:

Imagine the above terrace covered by a gazebo (a metal and fabric one)...we bought one from Carrefour yesterday for the equivalent of around 25 pounds. It took Mr Ayak hours to erect it..with great difficulty...and the gentle breeze is making it sway a little precariously. But it's still standing...and this is where I am sitting with my sheltered from the sun and the heat which at approx 10.45 am is already 89 degrees F. And I am gazing out at that wonderful view.

Distraction No. 2:

The dogs...yes dogs plural.

On Saturday we had a new addition to our family. She is a tiny little thing (about the size of Mr Ayak's shoe) and she arrived looking very timid...very dirty..full of ticks...and quite hungry judging by her protruding ribs. She will remain small..Mr Ayak has seen the family. A man in the village has about of 20 of them. Apparently they are well cared for by Turkish standards...but knowing what this means I am avoiding going to look at them or I will probably want to bring them all home. I've long since learned that I cannot save all the dogs in Turkey. I've rescued a fair number in my time and I have to be satisfied with that.

We showered her, painstakingly removed ticks, brushed her and fed her. As it was quite late on Saturday night when we finished and it was dark she actually looked white and fluffy to me. In fact in daylight she is more a beige colour...although the skin underneath is quite dark.

The intention was to keep her outside...and encourage Beki to stay outside too. They have blankets, shady spots in the garden which are cooler than the house, and as long as they have plenty of water and each other for company they should be OK. The first night Beki was a bit disgruntled about this but Poppy was fine(yes...that's her name...we tried several and she answers to Poppy it is). So Mr Ayak stayed up all night to encourage them to stay outside. He's quite mad when it comes to dogs!

Yesterday we went out for about four hours and left them in the garden. They were fine and it was lovely to have them both running to the gate to greet us when we returned. And last night they stayed outside with no problems at all. So I'm now hopeful of maintaining a permanently dog hair-free house.

They are getting to know each other gradually. When Poppy tries to get out of the garden...Beki barks at her and discourages her from doing so. Poppy eats Beki's food...and Beki just sits and watches with a kind of maternal look on her face. Beki is so gentle and caring. I have no doubt that they will be the best of friends. This tiny mite who just two days ago looked so frightened with her tail between her so confident already...tail now up in the air and wagging furiously! I haven't any pics of her yet but rest assured as soon as I do, I will post them up.

So....I have lots to do. The house needs a thorough clean to remove the build-up of dogs hairs, the ironing is piling up, and I should do some baking.

But I'm the view and by the dogs... What can I do? Well...I'll continue to tell myself that life is short, every day is a bonus...and carry on gazing at the view and watching the dogs!


  1. First of all Linda, did Mr Ayak use the beloved superglue, you know it makes sense to us.

    Who cares about housework, when you have such a beautiful view, jeez this is gorgeous girl, your real home at last.

    Beki and Poppy, sort of goes together, they will be best bud's, look at Tommy and Charlie, ( no I have not superglued them together, though have thought occasionally of supergluing Tommy's mouth shut because of his constant barking, and Charlie's because of his constant love of food ), they love each other, and are always together, so happy for you Ayak, I really am.

  2. Thankyou very much Ann. No...superglue didn't make an appearance...although as I am writing this, the breeze has increased and its now windy...and the gazebo looks like it could well fly away at any moment.

  3. I've not been the quickest of commenters lately - so much stuff to do here that I've not been in blogland much.

    Oh Ayak, I also could not go and look at all these little dogs. I do not understand why people do not have their dogs neutered - well I do actually, the cost. I really wish organisations like the PDSA were in France and from the look of it Turkey - neutering should be free imo - far better than all these little and big dogs starving.

    The gazebo sounds just the job - we also have a carrefour nearby.

    As for dog hairs - that's the good thing about bichons - they don't shed or else with Mr FF's asthma we would not be able to have them. But in a hot climate such s yours it does seem better to keep the doggies outside.


  4. Your view is wonderful.

    I'm so glad that you took the plunge and moved house,I'm sure that it was the right thing to do.

    Poppy looks a sweetheart,


  5. FF: Only just discovered the Carrefour in Bodrum. In fact there are two and when we saw the second MUCH larger one, we had already done oour shopping in the smaller one. So I'll do the big one next..when we have some money.

    The "girls" seem very happy outside..I think this will work.

    GG: I have no doubts now that it was the right glad I didn't talk myself out of it.

  6. Oh my word, with views like that I can imaging anything. Well I could imagine sitting in the gazebo plonked in a deck chair with a nice a glass of raki with lots of ice and some meze.

  7. Well Amagerican...when you're next over..if you fly in to Bodrum you can pop in to see me can't you? And try the gazebo for yourself


  8. I would love to Ayak,
    thanks! Make a change from that long stop at Baffa lake ha ha!!


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