Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Doesn't time fly?

Time flies much too fast. Billy is changing so much and I am missing it all. He is going to be so different when I next see him.

Here are a few more pics.


  1. Namaste from India, Ayak. Your grandson? He's lovely God bless him. I've just been catching up on your posts about your move. Exciting isn't it? But it must be difficult at this time of year. Thank you for visiting me the other day. Enjoyed reading your comment.

  2. Isn't it difficult being away from family and friends. Gadding about the world and moving to other places is great in its way but sometimes one gets a pang of dying to see a particular person (in your case your daughter and grandson, I am sure) - and it can hurt a bit.

    At least you have two furry beings to keep you busy


  3. Billy is so beautiful Ayak, and growing so fast, love the expression on his face whilst looking at the book.

  4. Thankyou gaelikaa, FF and Ann for your kind comments.

    yes that expression Ann...looks like he is really concentrating on the book doesn't it?

  5. Gosh, he really has grown Ayak!

    An avid reader already!
    You know it´s Sam Lloyd today and it´ll be Sam Pepys tomorrow.

    You must miss him dreadfully.


  6. I really do Chris...more than I could ever have imagined. It seems ages to wait till my next trip on 25 October.

  7. Crikey he's grown.

    He looks a real boy too,



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