Friday, 10 July 2009

Green Fingers?

I've never had green fingers...quite the opposite. All my life I've never been able to grow even the simplest house plant. Plants take one look at my pink fingers and just curl up and die.

When my dear Dad was alive and I lived in England, he used to do our gardening for us. He loved it. He had the greenest fingers I've ever known. Everything grew for him..and I loved to watch him at work in the garden and see the results of his labours.

However...when I came to live in Turkey..things changed. My fingers started to turn green after all. Someone would give me a cutting...some straggly, half-dead looking specimen, and I would smile and thank them but not have a clue what to do with it. So I'd just poke it in a pot of earth..water it...and forget it. And it would grow. Not only grow..but flourish. I was amazed.

We haven't had a garden in Turkey until now. We had a courtyard in Goreme with a grapevine but with my newly discovered talent for growing things, I felt confident enough to grow things in pots.

Now we have this wonderful garden. This evening I have just picked the first of the grapes from the vine. We have pomegrantes growing on one of the two trees, and they should be ready soon. And the figs on the biggest of our fig trees are growing nicely. They should also be ready in a matter of weeks...if not days.

Of course I'm realistic enough to know that it's due more to the climate here than my gardening talents that plants and trees won't die when they see me...but I like to kid myself that I have at long last become an accomplished gardener!


  1. I have just picked some grapes as well Ayak, they were quite gorgeous, Marks and Spencer's do have such lovely grapes.

    Jeez if I had grapes thingy's growing ( just got up, you know how witless I am first thing ), I would never move away from the thingy that they grow on, my greedy fingers would be forever plucking them, and placing in mouth.

    Great about being able to grow things, makes it more enjoyable to see things flourish, my gardens are full of tall beautiful flowers, French lavender, roses, everything, my fav being the Delphiniums, most grown by seed.

    Now that you have green fingers, do you want to borrow some of my green nail polish.

  2. My one and only plant which I grew for a plant just died. My friends say I put too much of water into it & thats why, whats the logic in that ? If you have too much water you die? Duh... & that was the end of Elli..

  3. Ann: Yes I'll have some of the green nailpolish so I can really look the part!

    MelRox: Oh I do understand how you feel...over-watering apparently used to be one of my big mistakes...that and forgetting to water at all!

  4. I'm not great with indoor plants but outdoor ones seem to do OK. although I have had a basil plant on the go in the kitchen for 2 months now so maybe I am improving


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