Saturday, 18 July 2009

Maybe a moat would do the trick.......

....or an electric fence?

We are beside ourselves. In spite of our having made our garden perimeter as secure as we can, Poppy still manages to find a way out. Always whilst our backs are turned. Short of sitting and watching her 24 hours a day, I don't know how we are going to discover her means of escape.

She still can't get back in so we can only imagine that she escapes by jumping from a huge height...but that it's too high for her to jump back in.

So last night I attached her lead to a length of rope, tied to the steps and put her bedding under the steps..a cosy and cool place for her to sleep.

All was warning barks from Beki during the night which usually mean "she's escaped...come quickly".

When I got up this morning..there was Poppy curled up under the steps...quite content....BUT she had company...another one of the little dogs from Poppy's family was in there with her! Well not as small as Poppy. But the worrying thing is that he is a boy and Poppy is in how do I know if they've "done the deed"?

Well I guess I'll find out sooner or later.....groan......


  1. It is about 12 days from the onset of the bleeding, if she is not ready then she will growl and warn the male, when she is ready she will stand for them.

    Problem being Ayak dogs know bitches are on heat well before the time, and they will come from far and wide to get her, the only thing I can suggest is a cage, this sounds dreadful, I know, I would never dream of using one, but with Poppy she escapes, no matter what you do, and you will need to keep her out of the way for a least a week.

    Pups you do not need, and if by chance she does get mated, vets have in injection that is given within 24 hours to stop the pregnancy.

  2. Thanks for the advice Ann. We are still continuing with our quest to make our home like Fort Knox in reverse.

  3. Oh no!

    I've got a heavily pregnant cat who's taken to visiting the garden, the last thing I need is a load more feral kittens.

    Fingers crossed for both of us!


  4. Fingers and everything else crossed GG!!


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