Monday, 6 July 2009

One of those days

Ever had one of those days when you know you should have stayed in bed?

I set off this morning on the bus in the sweltering heat, to do essential food shopping in Milas. I arrived at the bus station, walked outside and promptly fell flat on my face in the street. There were loads of people watching...oh the shame!

Feeling a little shaken I shuffled around the supermarket, only picking up a few items without much thought as by this time my ankle was beginning to swell.

I limped to the nearest bus stop..only to see my bus pulling away before I could reach it....leaving me to wait almost another hour in the scorching heat for the next one.

By the time I reached our village, my ankle was very swollen and it was extremely difficult to climb the hill to the house. When I finally reached home I just collapsed in a sweaty heap. The butter I had bought to make a cake had melted and leaked in my shopping bag, the yoghurt was definitely off, and I stupidly bought a bar of chocolate...I daren't tell you what a state that was in!

I am now sitting with my ankle elevated and strapped up and feeling very sorry for myself. Mainly because it's my birthday tomorrow and I had hoped to bus into Bodrum to do some window shopping. Perhaps it's just as well I won't be able to go...I might be tempted to get my credit card out again...and that just won't every cloud has a silver lining I guess.

Should have stayed in bed...........


  1. Oh dear Ayak, oh dear, what a dreadful day you had, the falling flat in your face, mmmm, I know what you mean, you get up, look around, hope nobody has seen you, of course they have, you feel daft, and try to pretend you are not really bothered.

    Hope the ankle is okay now, pity about the butter, still as long as you got home eventually, just thinking of all that dreadful heat you had to endure.

  2. Happy Birthday Ayak, hope today is most enjoyable.

  3. Thanks Ann...ıt's the embarrassment more than anything else isn't it?

    Anyway am just chilling (inappropriate word) out today...enjoying my birthday present from Digiturk (see today's post)


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