Monday, 13 July 2009


This is really an edit to my "Distractions" post today....a pic that just arrived of a very timid Poppy shortly after she came to live with us...


  1. After seeing the new pics on FB I had to come and find out about your latest addition. I bet there is a sad story behind your little Poppy, just as there was with ours

    Lucky little doggy


  2. FF: I'm pretty sure there is a sad story, but I don't want to know it. All I can do is love her and that's no effort at all. She's responding already...TLC works wonders.

    Mel: Yes isn't she? Adorable!

  3. She is beautiful Ayak, the wee soul, I could adopt her myself, you have T&C, hairs and all, and I will have Poppy.

  4. Hi astro...yes cute as a button!

    Ann: Now come if you would part with T & C! And if you did of course I would have them! But I'm sorry I'm not parting with Poppy now...4 days and she's already a part of the family!


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