Thursday, 16 July 2009

Settling in

There are various things to be done when settling in a new area. Finding a doctor and dentist for example. Making sure you know where the nearest hospital is...banks, post office etc.

Naturally I've had plenty of practise at sorting out these things because we have moved so often. It doesn't necessarily get any easier though.

Add to the list...finding a good vet. Not so easy here because most vets deal with working animals and don't specialise in the treatment of dogs...and as far as cats are concerned...forget it.

Anyway Mr Ayak and I set off this morning to find a vet. We left Beki at home and took Poppy with us. We found two vets in Milas, but didn't like the look of the facilities, but the third one seemed fine. The vet was fairly my opinion usually a good sign here as their training is a little more thorough. He also had a small fluffy dog of his own in his office who looked happy and healthy, so I felt quietly confident in his ability.

Now for the shock...he examined Poppy thoroughly and decided she was in fact about 2 or 3 YEARS old...much older than we thought. I had a feeling this morning that she was coming into season and he confirmed this. In his opinion she has been quite badly treated and malnourished, which of course is why she is so small. It's also possible that she may have had pups at some time.

However, he did say that she is very strong and with the TLC that we are able to give there is no reason why she shouldn't thrive and be very happy. She's already very much a lapdog and loves cuddles.

She is still finding ways of getting out of the garden, but doesn't seem able to find a way back in which is causing a bit of a problem. We have arranged for a gate to be built at the top of the steps up to the verandah and this should be ready on Saturday. Mr Ayak built the stone wall a little higher last night but it didn't stop her...she seems able to leap from enormous heights!


Another "must find" in a new area is a decent hairdresser. Fortunately Turkey has more good hairdressers than bad, and they're very cheap...but I still hate having to search for one that suits me.

I was so lucky today. I managed to find a fantastic hairdresser. My roots were badly in need of doing and I needed a cut, wash and blow dry. He did a marvellous job for the total price of 32 lira...the equivalent of aroung 13 pounds sterling. I told you it was cheap...I don't think you could beat that price anywhere. A cut and blow dry without colouring is around 3 pounds sterling!

So that's the vet and the hairdressers sorted...just need to find a dentist and a doctor next...but as you can see I got my priorities right!


  1. Glad that the settling in is taking shape and that you've found a good hairdresser. As for the vet - any vet that has a dog in his premises must be lovely. Poor little Pop - at least she is in a brilliant forever home now

  2. The vet was very nice FF...but I'm not absolutely confident about his ability...I'll reserve judgment until we've known him for a while. He seemed very anxious to talk me into buying his expensive "special" dogfood and to tell me about his friend that does dog a bit wary of people who try to sell you stuff

  3. blimey - vets and their dog food that is usually produced by the company that subsidise a lot of vets when they are at college - Hills and the like. It's all the same rubbish but done up in fancy packaging

    I do home cooking for our girls and they because of Pop's allergies it is essential really

  4. Yes mine have home cooked food too FF. Well there's not a great deal of choice here anyway. Although I grab a bag of Pedigree complete dry food when I happen to see it so that they get vitamins etc...although they don't like sits in bowls for days!

  5. Hello, I am back, after 4 days of watching glorious golf.

    Poppy is nearly 3, looks like she has had pups, and is small for her size, well Ayak you always said they treat their dogs badly in Turkey, this sounds like a puppy farm, at least she has you now to give her love and care, and Beki will grow to love her as well.

    The hairdressers are so cheap, wow, that is terrific.

  6. Well you know I'm so tempted to go to the house where the rest of the dogs live and rescue all of them...but I really can't!


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