Thursday, 2 July 2009

Street Lighting

Two men in a truck turned up yesterday to add a street light outside our house.

We have a telegraph pole at the bottom of our garden and this is where they decided to put the light.

The light? A normal, for domestic use, fluorescent tube. It is now strapped to the side of the telegraph pole. Oh how I wish I had a camera!

And before they "installed" it...they knocked on my door to ask if they could check to see if it was working. Which they inserting two live wires into one of my sockets.

......only in Turkey ..........


  1. Oh jeez, sound very Irish to me Ayak, though at least you have street lighting.

    We were having new electric poles, thank goodness Mr Ann looked out, they were just about to plant the pole slap bang in the middle of our field next door, why in the middle, who knows, they were made to move away from the middle of the field, and put it in a proper place out of the way, near the trees.

  2. It sounds so Heath Robinson - it's great

    Happy Birthday for Tuesday


  3. Yes I get the impression there are a lot of similarities between the Irish and the Turks!

    FF: Thanks xxx

  4. The house is looking great, the balcony is lovely.


  5. Thanks Chris..yes it turned ut very well didn't it?


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