Monday, 27 July 2009

Unhappy Feet

I have an obsession with my not a foot fetish...but a real anxiety about the state of my feet.
Before I came to Turkey my feet were OK...not beautiful..but pretty good. I used to enjoy buying shoes...I had quite a collection at one time. Not any more.
On my first holiday to Turkey I, like most holidaymakers, spent a lot of time barefooted, as you do. Somehow I picked up an infection in my big toe. It was very sore and swollen, and I got some lotion and dressings from the chemist which seemed to clear it up.
All was fine with my feet until I moved out here to live. I developed some kind of fungal infection under the toenails. It started with the big toe that was previously infected and gradually spread to the other nails. I had a course of treatment which cured the infection but left my nails yellow and crumbly. I've seen several doctors but although the infection is long gone,my nails have never been the same since.
After I'd been here a few years, the skin on my heels started to crack. They were particularly bad during the harsh winters in Cappadocia and I had to have antibiotics and various creams for them. But in spite of my taking a great deal of care of my feet...they still look awful. I get embarrassed when buying shoes...usually in the UK ...and I now opt for comfort rather than fashion. M & S footgloves are the most comfortable.
It is part of Turkish culture to remove ones shoes when entering someone's home, and I used to hate doing this because I didn't want anyone to see my feet.
However, over the years I have noticed that the vast majority of Turks have bad feet. Similar problems to mine in fact. It's not something that I feel comfortable about bringing up in conversation. For example, I was invited in for tea at my neighbours house this morning, and I noticed that her feet were very bad. Well I could hardly say to this woman that I don't know very well "Oh your feet are worse than mine..Why do you think that is?"
No-one mentions it or what causes it. I think the dry and dusty roads and humid atmosphere probably contribute. But also the removal of shoes when entering homes must spread infection? Some people have spare slippers for their guests to use....I do...and I wash them after people have used them, but I'm not sure others do the same. I'm happiest in winter because I can just remove my boots and keep my socks on.
Interestingly, on my trips back to the UK, even if only for a week, the state of my feet improves but never quite enough.
I'd really love to have a pedicure but sadly I just can't pluck up enough courage to expose my very unhappy feet.
(Edited to add: I can't imagine what possessed me to write a post about my feet...I was just about to delete it due to embarrassment...but then thought...oh what the hell...let it stay!)


  1. Oh...the one thing I haven't tried...will give it a go...thanks.

    And welcome to my blog!

  2. I have a phobia about other peoples feet touching me, how weird is that!

  3. I don't think it's weird at all Jazzy. Feet are strange things aren't they?

    I can't imagine any job worse than that of a chiropodist....wouldn't suit you would it?

  4. what a shame you have such problems with your feet. I go for a pedicure every 8 weeks as I am rather obsessed with my feet. There is not much about my body that is perfect but my feet are pretty nice and I pamper them. If I spent as much time and effort on the rest of my body it would probably be more worthwhile.

    I rub a very good cream into my heels every night - Alkileine (or something like that) - my pedicurist recommended it. I'm sure it must be available online and it will sort your heels out wonderfully. Go on, do it, now!

  5. p.s. I know this is an American site but it's the first one I found - just to give you product details:

  6. I had a pedicure recently and it did me a lot of good. I think foot care should be made compulsory. It's one part of the body that is very prone to neglect.
    Thank you so much for the award, Ayak, I was nominated a few times for it and did my post yesterday!

  7. Thanks for the info FF. I'm quite glad I didn't delete this post after all.

    Gaelikaa..I'm not surprised you were nominated several times...your blog is wonderful xxx

  8. Hello Ayak - I'm so sorry that you're not happy with your feet! I'd definitely say: Go get yourself that pedicure! And: lots & lots of a good, adequate cream, specifically for dry feet - there are a few good ones, can you get Neutrogena or Akileine where you are? - preferably twice a day for starters, at least before you go to bed, every night! There's nothing better than living in a country where your feet can spend at least half the year happily breathing fresh air, but from my experience, as well, it's a constant fight against dry, cracked skin.
    Cultural differences are what they are, but from what you're telling, the habit of walking around without shoes in other people's houses is probably not helping much, either. Would it be acceptable to carry a pair of flip flops or slippers in your handbag, exclusively to use inside other people's homes?
    Good luck, and may we soon read a post about Ayak's Happy Feet!

  9. Ayak, I never wear shoes unless I have too, I walk about all summer ( yes even in the rain ), with bare or flip flops, my feet are fine, I use Boots Hemp set, consists of Chanvre foot protector, or the body butter if the foot cream runs out, then when that runs out I use the hand cream, that leaves the lip balm, nope, that does not work, sort of sticks to my feet, any good cream will sort you feet out.

    Think it must be the very dry heat over there, not that we ever have that problem Ayak, or maybe all the rain we have, protects our feet.

  10. Hi Astro..yes I do carry some slipper socks in my bag, but of course I don't always have my bag and often get caught unawares by an invitation into someone's house. You also mentioned Alkileine (as did French Fancy) as it's clearly available in Portugal and France, we may well have it here..I'll have a look.

    And Ann..yes I do love my feet to be free of shoes whenever possible and thanks for your advice too.

    I have a few recommendations now so something ought to work

  11. A squirt of Johnson's baby oil, (ask Billy, he'll know all,about this!) in an old washing up bowl and a good long soak two or three times a week will soften up the cracked skin and then use a pumice stone,



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