Tuesday, 18 August 2009


I am very happy to accept this award from Gaelikaa. It's an honour to receive it from someone who writes such a wonderful blog. Thankyou.

The rules are: list 5 things you are addicted to. Then pass the award on to 5 more bloggers.

So here goes:

1. Chocolate...particularly Cadburys...which I can't get here.

2. Custard...which I can't get here...but a friend just sent me some in the post.

3. Books....which fill my suitcase on return trips from England.

4. may have noticed!

5. Coffee and cigarettes...I know that's two things but they go together wonderfully...and I indulge in both far more than I should.

And now I have pleasure in giving this award to the following bloggers. I know some of you may have already received it, so don't feel obliged to try and think of another 5 addictions. Please just accept it because I think your blog is wonderful.

Gaelikaa (Right back at you...but can't leave you off my list)


French Fancy

French Leave

The Background Fairy

(As I still can't manage to do links on'll have to find links to the above blogs on my Blog List....sorry!)


  1. Oh well done Ayak, and deservedly so, proud of you.

  2. Congrats to you, and also everyone else you've nominated:)

  3. Ann: Thankyou xxx

    Mel: Thankyou...and also thanks to you I have my new background because I discovered the link on your blog. I love yours too xxx

  4. Oh Ayak, thank you so much. The thing is that I already have it in my sidebar (and I even did the addictions for it - way back when). I don't think I should take it again but you are lovely to think of me.

    Please don't be offended


  5. FF: Of course I'm not offended. There is no obligation to's just for me to express how much I enjoy your blog.


  6. Hi Ayak,
    Your blog is fabulous, this award was well deserved! Thank you so much for thinking of me as well, that was so kind of you.
    I was just telling my best girlfriend about your fascinating blog yesterday, she is married to a Turkish man as well, although he has lived here in the U.S. since he was a child.

  7. Karen: Thankyou very much for your kind words.

    I wonder if your friend's husband has ever visited Turkey? I think it would be quite a culture shock for someone like him who has spent the majority of his life elsewhere.

  8. Custard ... drool.

    Well it is right, your blog IS fabb-u-lus

  9. TAF: Thank're very kind xx

  10. Thank you for the award!
    It is kind of you...I'm not sure I can do the five things thingy...I'll be all day deciding!
    I do enjoy your blog....and the Mr. Ayak in the shower room reminds me so much of our Turkish friends....if in doubt, take a hammer to it....there's always another Turkish friend to come round and sort it all out later.
    I know what you mean about languages..I was never enthused by language teaching at school, had to get my act together later and found that the best way was just to have to get on with it. When people are kind and patient, it does work.

  11. aw, thank you very much - and I love yours - remember how you had to be persuaded to begin one :)

  12. Yes I do indeed you can't shut me up!

  13. Ayak to copy/paste a link:

    Press the title of the post i.e Ramazan.

    Then copy the URL by highlighting (blue colour)

    right-click a

    and copy.

    Then simply paste.

    This is the simple way.

    I would also recommend that you get yourself the label gadget and start labeling your post´s. So for instance if you have a post´s about Beki you can easily find them.

  14. I know how to copy and paste, but somehow I can't get it to work here. I'll keep trying.

    I've taken your advice about labels though and am gradually working through my posts...wish I'd started it at the beginning!


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