Tuesday, 25 August 2009

BILLY..4 months old and First seaside holiday

Billy was 4 months old on Sunday. His mum and dad took him away for a long weekend at the seaside.
I'm still continuing to communicate with him most days by webcam. As soon as we log on and I speak to him I get a lovely smile from him! I think he recognises my voice.
I'm not sure whether he'll recognise the REAL me when I see him at the end of October....but I hope so.
I am such a proud Grandma!


  1. Oh, isn't he gorgeous!
    Of course he will know you via the webcam.....

  2. Yes of course I think he's gorgeous! But it is lovely when other people say the same. Thankyou xx

  3. What a happy baby! Whatever did people do before webcams anyway?

  4. Yes pinklea my daughter tells me he is in fact a very happy baby. But then his parents are very happy and content so I think it rubs off. did we manage before webcams? Wonderful invention!

  5. I think you are right Ayak. A baby can sense if the parent is not happy or if there is stress.

    Billy does look like a very happy baby and from the pictures you have provided the parents look like naturals.

    Only a month or so to go Ayak!!

  6. Actually it's almost two months...25 october..and the time seems to be going so slowly. At least I see him most days on webcam and get such a lovely smile when he hears my voice...there's nothing to beat it....except seeing him i the flesh of course!


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