Tuesday, 11 August 2009

"Early one morning, just as the sun was rising......"

Early morning is my favourite time of the day. I've never really been a night person...oh maybe for a while in my youth when I had a lot more energy. Even then I was always amongst the first to leave a party. I like evenings at home and going to bed early. On the very rare occasions that we eat out, my choice is lunch rather than dinner.
I get up shortly after the first call to prayer before sunrise. I let Beki out of the enclosed balcony where she sleeps, and Poppy from her specially-built house, for a run around the garden. I feed them, make myself a coffee and sit on the terrace and with the dogs at my feet, we watch the sun rise. I always feel so invigorated and ready to take on anything the day ahead throws at me.
Around this time one of the women from the village brings her flock of sheep along the lane past my gate, and up to the top of the hill to graze for a couple of hours. She says the same things to me each day..."good morning..isn't the weather lovely?......your house looks very nice!.... have a nice day!" Beki stands at the gate barking at the sheep when they come too close...and the woman thanks me because Beki's barking is encouraging the sheep to get a move on up the hill.
A little later my neighbour comes out to feed her two cows, two goats and a donkey. The donkey makes me laugh...the strange noises she makes when my neighbour appears. My neighbour informs me that she is talking to her....I believe her...they seem to have quite a conversation going on!
So after my second cup of coffee...the sun is beginning to get hot, and I make a hasty retreat back into the house.....knowing that I can look forward to this wonderful experience again tomorrow.


  1. Lovely!
    Sunrise is, I sometimes feel, the high spot of the day. I can follow the sun's path day by day round the year, watch its' reflections in the river and have a few moments' peace before the world wakes up. No one here is up as early as your lady neighbours so I have it to myself.

  2. Yes it's nice to have the sunrise to yourself isn't it? Although I'd much rather have the noise of the animals here to the noise of traffic any day!

  3. I am much the same Ayak. I have always been a morning person. I think it´s a magical time of day. I feel like I have the place to myself.
    Everything is fresh and new.

    In terms of creativity it´s best working at night I find. Not exactly compatible with getting up very early.

  4. The late nights are certainly not compatible. I go through phases of having a few late nights but then it all catches up with me


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