Monday, 17 August 2009

The joys of the webcam

It's a wonderful invention isn't it?

I was so amazed when I first used one. I just wanted to talk to everyone. Of course the novelty wears off after a while, and like all technology, we just take it for granted.

Naturally, it's not such a good thing when someone wants a video call with you and you're not looking your best. And there are times when you don't want someone on the other end to see your expressions for one reason or another. It could be that you perhaps disapprove of something they say and you are then faced with having to keep a smile on your face and hide your true feelings...not always easy. And there are times when you may feel unhappy, and you don't want the person you're talking to, to see the sadness in your face.

However, there are times when it's the only thing that will do when you can't actually be with the person you are talking to. I realised how important this would be when I returned from England earlier this year after the birth of my grandson. I knew I wouldn't get to see him again for 5 months, and I was so sad at missing these important months of his life.

But, my daughter's laptop has been out of action all this time, and in spite of several attempts to get the webcam on her old pc up and running, it failed miserably.

Finally, on Friday her laptop returned...repaired...and suddenly I was able to see Billy at last. Oh how he has changed! He laughed and smiled at me and it really tugged at my heartstrings. Now whenever possible my daughter will give me a glimpse of him each day. I wonder if he actually knows it's me? I wonder if, when I see him in October, he will realise that I am the Grandma who talks to him through his mum's laptop screen?

It's not ideal of course, because I can't reach out to give him a cuddle...but it's so much better than not seeing him at all!

I'll leave you with a few recent photos of Billy..who just becomes more gorgeous every day.


  1. Billy is CUTE! I need to get a new webcam, this one broke lately!

  2. Thanks Mel...he is so cute...especially when he smiles.

  3. That is one gorgeous little boy, Ayak. They say all babies (and brides) are beautiful but it simply is not true. Your grandson however is lovely and I can imagine you get lots of pangs from missing him so much.

    This is the worst thing about expatdom - the missing of friends and loved ones - it never gets easier either. At least the webcam is grannyhood by proxy


  4. FF: Thank you. Of course I would think he's gorgeous but it's lovely when someone else confirms it.

    Yes I do miss him dreadfully!

  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
    Ayak, your grandson is getting bigger and better every day! I can totally see why you miss him so much. Counting the days when you get to hold him again, eh?
    Love, S.

  6. Hi astro!

    Yes I'm definitely counting the days...can't wait!

    L xx

  7. He is such a cutie Ayak, and what a very high tech gran you are, I bet he will think that is cool when he is older

  8. Award for you over at my new blog

    Take it if you're interested!

  9. Gaelikaa

    Thank you so much. I'm more than happy to take it xxx

  10. Jazzy: Thanks..I won't worry too much if he doesn't think I'm cool...I just hope he remembers me from one visit to the next.

  11. He is absolutely adorable Ayak.

    I´m sure he will recognize you though, especially if you see him on a regular basis.

    I remember vividly my niece pointing to a picture of her grandpa and she had only seen him once. She was about 10 months. I thought it was very touching, because she would really study it.

  12. Thanks Amagerican.

    I'm really not sure how much babies actually remember. It's hard to tell. My earliest memory was of an incident when I was apparently 9 months old. I only know this because my mum confirmed it when I recounted the story.


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