Sunday, 9 August 2009

Why do you Blog?

Reading authorblog's series of posts entitled "Sunday Roast" where he interviews bloggers made me stop and think this morning about why people blog.

When I first moved to Turkey I kept a diary, in a series of exercise books. I found it interesting to look back over them at the problems and experiences I had encountered.

Unfortunately, during one of our many house moves, I lost them, and never bothered to start again.

I've only been using the internet for about 3 years now and it was only fairly recently that I actually discovered blogs. In fact I'd heard the word "blog" bandied about but never knew what it meant, or had the inclination to find out.

Two of my "followers" actually encouraged me to start and I'm very glad I did. It's like writing my diary all over again.

I always enjoyed writing. I loved doing the assignments when I did courses with the Open University some years ago.

I always thought I'd like to write a book but I don't have the discipline necessary for that. Blogging means I don't have to structure what I write. I don't need to plan the beginning, the middle and the end of my story. I can just switch on my laptop and write whatever comes into my head. And it never reaches a just goes on and a diary. And it's a perfect way of getting it all off your's very therapeutic.

The added bonus of course is that, even though I do this mostly for myself, I have gathered followers along the way, which means I have also discovered their blogs, the reading of which is another enjoyable pastime. blogger friends... please tell me...why do you blog?


  1. Ayak, you are so inspiring. I love reading your blog.

  2. Mel what a lovely thing to say...thankyou xxx

  3. Unlike you, my brave Ayak, I'm not one for exposing myself, not even under anonimity - I've never kept a diary in my life, not even when all my friends were keeping one.

    So why do I blog? I blog for a cause. I wouldn't blog if it wasn't with a clear purpose, with an end in sight, and it couldn't be about me, because I'm not one for exposing myself to others - or even to myself, come to think of it.

    I wish I could, though. I love reading your blog, and apart from feeling envious that you are able to speak so freely about yourself and your life, I believe it has to be therapeutic.

    Please keep the posts coming, I so love to read about your new home country - makes me feel like I live in the epicentre of civilisation, by comparison LOL!!! - and even the less amusing entries are extraordinarily inspiring.

    A Turkish Delight indeed!

  4. I appreciate your's honest.
    There's one I particularly like in France..Dirty Feet and Rubble in my Hair...which is another honest blog about what it's like, changing your life and coping with all the new things that never occur to you when you make the decision to move.
    I blog because friends abroad asked me why I was so sour about France...and the blog was simpler than a round robin letter! I am technically incompetent but I enjoy little discoveries like being able to put a video in a post, so that's another plus.
    I suppose that I also get fed up with seeing people come to France, misled by all the propaganda put about by the magazines and TV shows, and thinking it's their fault when things go wrong. If my two penn'orth helps to adjust the balance, then I'm glad.

  5. Astro: We are all different..some, like you are more private about their lives and their thoughts. But I know that you use your abilities with words and many languages to fight causes and I so admire that in you. For some of us, like me, who have suffered with depression for many years, it is indeed therapeutic to write it down...and indeed to share it. Blogging anonymously is easy for me. I have only given my blog link to people I know in "real life" who I trust and who I know don't judge me.

    Thank you so much for your encouragement.

    the fly in the web: I'm also technically incompetent. In fact I haven't yet discovered how to put links on my posts, or organise the posts a little better...but I'll worry about that later!

    I do indeed try to be honest, which you obviously do..far better to give people a realistic picture of life in a different country than to give them rose tinted specs.

    Thank you for your comments.

  6. Links! When I get to that stage I'll be flying....luckily a friend with a brain helps me when I'm really stuck...cut and paste had me flummoxed for weeks.
    I would like to tidy up my blog and make it more accessible and organised, but, like you, I'll worry about that later!

  7. Oh you sound so much like me! Another pc numpty! xx

  8. So glad you did start blogging Ayak, you know how I love to hear about Mr A

  9. Thanks Jazzy. I'm sure Mr Ayak will never fail to provide me with material for my blog!

  10. I start with blogging but blogging started it all. I loved reading blogs, having tendency to comment with a nice name on the comment lists :) Just a click away, I get a chance to discover you and connected to you :) Thank you.

  11. Ninja Boy: I love reading blogs has opened a whole new world hasn't it?
    Thank you for your comments xx

  12. I too am glad you started blogging Ayak, I do enjoy reading them.

  13. I have been a long standing fan of blogs. Often times they have been a great source of news and entertainment. Often times I find that blogs are the only medium that offers a different perspective that mainstream media. I think blogging is a great way of connecting people.

    There are so many reason´s why I started I couldn´t list them here. Beside´s I have only just started.

  14. Amagerican:I agree it's a good way of connecting people. It's also quite addictive once you start isn't it?

  15. Completely addictive Ayak.

    Should we start a 12 step program to ween us off it?


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