Saturday, 26 September 2009

Another satisfying day

This is a picture of "our" land on the outskirts of the village which appeared (by the date) to be taken exactly a year ago by my father-in-law (FIL).  When I use the word "our"'s because, even though I consider it to be his, he insists that it is ours.  It looks pretty barren in this pic, so I was amazed to see the transformation when I accompaned FIL and mother-in-law (MIL).  I think the date on his camera may be wrong because it is now full of trees, unless they grow this fast? What do I know?  Nothing about gardening...that's for sure! I'm going to ask him to take pics today, so that I can post them here for you to see this wonderful sight.

This is FIL's retirement hobby.  He has transported good quality trees from all over the country and planted them here.  Apples, pears, apricots, peaches, lemons, pomegranates, almonds, olives, and a few grapevines.  And most important of all...walnuts.   Within the next few years he intends to grow mostly walnuts. He recognises the fact that he is getting older and won't always be so active.  Although he is officially retired, he is still working to support his family, including his younger son, aged 27, who is still studying, and his very elderly parents (in their 90s).   Walnuts are easy to manage, and once picked will keep for a long time, so there will be no rush to get them to market.

He is realistic, and doesn't think he will be able to move here for about 10 years.  So he has to make do with the long trips down from Ankara whenever he can.  This on the other hand suits MIL, because she is reluctant to make the move.  She doesn't want to leave her family and friends and is happier to come here for short visits.  I hope she has a change of heart, because I can see the joy on FIL's face when he talks about his land.  He refers to his trees as his other family.  He has planted them and nurtured them and they are now producing the fruits of his labour. 

So they have both worked non-stop on the land since they arrived..there's much to do.  Although one never knows how long Turkish families intend to stay (and it's rude to ask) I guess they have a good few days of work left to do. 

I don't mind how long they stay.  I am enjoying their company...we have so much catching up to do.

It was very humid yesterday..quite unpleasant, but fortunately it rained in the evening and the air has cleared.  We three sat outside in the rain, and enjoyed the feel and the smell of it, and laughed at the dogs getting muddy...until the mosquitoes started biting and we made a hasty retreat to the house.

I'm feeling very content and relieved that this visit turned out to be such a pleasure....indeed it's been another satisfying day.


  1. Well, isn't this a good return for all your efforts to get Mr. Ayak's father to see how the relationship with his son could be made better?
    So glad you're all enjoying yourselves.

  2. Fly: Yes I do hope that things will improve between them. I can't see any reason why not...small steps.

  3. so your f-i-l also has a son of 27? Wow, Extended families and all that. I could never live there - if people arrive I like to know early on when they are going home :)

  4. This all sounds promising. Is the house set up for you all to share the house together?

  5. Hi @eloh: No it's not. But it's not the intention that we should share one house anyway. There are other possibilities, should they move here permanently. The house is single storey, with a flat roof so we could build an apartment upstairs, although FIL says he's not sure the foundations would be strong enough. There's also an old house in our garden which could be easily renovated. To be honest I don't think they will ever move here permanently. MIL seems to have the final word in most things, and she's happy with occasional visits.

  6. Glad you are having a lovely time with the in-laws Ayak and souns like you are making progress with Mr A and his dad.

  7. Ayak, I am still boiling my head, having managed to lose the blog for days without having downloaded the awards!
    I have the blog back, so will try again!
    Not ground down...yet!

  8. Fly: Don't give up...I know it's frustrating, but peserverence will bring it's rewards...honestly!!

    GG: Thanks xx

  9. Jazzy...Hi...well the past 24 hours have resulted in a step back...honeymoon period over...cracks starting to appear...but onwards and upwards!!

  10. It is inevitable Ayak, everyone living under the same roof, even in the best of families that would lead to some tension. To me it sounds like a resounding success when you think of the odd´s. I can fully appreciate the amount of pressure you are feeling though. Walking on egg shells and having to absorb the toxic atmosphere.

    But...very soon you´ll be enjoying the company of Billy!

  11. Amag: It's the thought of seeing Billy soon that keeps my spirits up..that's for sure! xxx

  12. Its nice you'll see billy soon... hes soooo cute!

  13. Ah families are so complicated.

    I am in great expectations of seeing my mother arrive with T on Thurs. but I know the visit will have ups and downs. Particularly as her visit is for the whole month. My uncle in Brussels passed away last weekend, so I know our family trip to Brussels in mid October will be very well appreciated. STill...

    You are doing an EXCELLENT job having the family underfoot. Good on YOu!

  14. This always happens after a few days Ayak, what's that saying, "visitors are like fish, both go off after a few days", no matter who it is, your space is invaded, a lot of work is involved keeping everyone happy, though I bet you are enjoying yourself with Mr Ayak's family.

    When they are gone you will miss them.

  15. Mel: Thanks I think so too! xx

    truestarr: Yes families certainly do have their ups and downs. Good luck with your mother's visit!

    Ann: Yes that's very true...hard work but I enjoy entertaining. And yes indeed I will miss them when they're gone.


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