Wednesday, 30 September 2009

An Award

I have just received this award from truestarr at Prospero's Cellphone here. Thankyou very much truestarr.

It's always a surprise to me to get an award...a very pleasant one. It's such a lovely gesture. It gives me the confidence to continue with my blog...and it does wonders for my self-esteem.

There are many blogs that I follow...and others I've yet to discover.. that deserve awards.   I'll be passing on this award to just a few of them within the next day or so.


  1. Lovely to see you being given an have such a great blog that I'm always a little disappointed when I switch on and don't have a new one from you.

  2. Fly: What a lovely thing to say...thankyou xxx

  3. You are quite rightly raking in the awards these days and I've got to agree with the wise Fly here.

  4. Well done Ayak, you deserve every single award, if I could give you an award, I would, instead I hope you just accept me as your dear friend.

  5. That will do very nicely Ann...thankyou xxxx


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