Monday, 7 September 2009

I need sleep!

I've started to write this at 1.40am...a time when I would normally be asleep.

Ramazan is playing havoc with my body clock....and not just seems to be affecting others  in the village too.

I'm an early morning person, so no matter what time I go to bed, I still wake up around 6.00 am...sometimes a bit earlier.

There's a man in the house up the hill behind us.  He is quite hard of hearing, but he does enjoy music, so plays it very loudly.   I don't mind this at all.  He's a very pleasant and cheerful man, and I think he deserves the pleasure he gains from his any case he seems to like all the old traditional Turkish music..which I also enjoy so I don't mind listening to it.  I usually go to bed around 10.30pm and read for a while. I hear him walk up the hill shortly after, on his way home from his evening visit to the teahouse, and minutes later he switches on his music.  He invariably switches it off before midnight, and I go to sleep.

Since the start of Ramazan, he's been arriving home later...around midnight...and playing his music till about 2.30 or 3.00 am.  I think he is probably eating also at that time, which means he then doesn't have to get up just before dawn to eat before fasting.  So when the music stops, I drift off to sleep, only to be woken up an hour later by the drummer.

This also disturbs the dogs, so I have to get up to calm them down and stop them barking furiously...and whilst I'm outside I notice a fair number of houses in the village with their lights obviously others can't sleep too.

I make my way back to bed, knowing I won't sleep, and even if I do I will be woken up at 6.00am by the dogs demanding food, and the shepherdess and her flock of sheep going up the lane.

I'm like a zombie during the day. The tiredness and the heat is sapping my energy.  Sometimes I can manage a nap during the day , but it's not always convenient...particularly when it happens on the dolmus on the way back from Milas.

I went to bed tonight (last night) very 9.30 and fell asleep immediately...but for some unexplained reason woke up suddenly just after midnight..  And do you know what?  The man hasn't been playing his music's deathly quiet...perfect for a good night's sleep.

But here I am ...wide awake! 


  1. I think we adopt habits quite quickly...and lose them slowly!When Mr. Fly is in hospital, I don't sleep at all well, listening for the telephone, stupid though that sounds, and when he is back I still can't get off into a good sleep for over a week.

  2. Fly...yes I should have mentioned that Mr Ayak being away affects my sleep pattern to a certain extent. The 2 hour time difference between here and the UK affects me on my trips there...waking up at 4am for two weeks is no joke!

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  4. Ayak, I'm obsessed with noise at the moment! Since the days of sharing a flat at the university, I don't think there is a time that I didn't have to wear a pair of ear plugs to go to sleep. As you saw from my last post, my irritation level of the noisy neighbour who live above me is very high. I had to drown their noises with a gentle classical music. In an ideal world, I think I'd like to live in a detached house away from the neighbours. I just saw a photo of Billy. What a handsome boy with a pair of big beautiful eyes. He has grown so quick since the last time I saw his picture. I bet he is the apple of your eyes!

  5. ASD: have to do something about your neighbours. I know how you feel. I'm not tolerant of noise and we've lived in many places where I've been driven to distraction. I can cope with the man and his music because it's a set pattern normally and it fits in with my routine..if you know what I mean. I don't know about a detached house..a deserted island might suit me better!

    Thanks for your comment about Billy...yes he has fast. Can't wait to see him at the end of October.

  6. nice you got a good sleep at last!

  7. Being partially deaf has it's benefits sometimes! Hope you got to sleep eventually Ayak.
    Thank you for visiting my bletherings!

  8. You really have my sympathy. Sleep deprivation is a huge problem for me. Can you possibly fit in a two hour nap during the day? Maybe in the afternoon? That might help you?

  9. Kate: I love your "bletherings"xx

    Gael: I'm trying to nap during the day but can't always manage it..somehow whenever I feel drowsy and try to nap I'm suddenly wide awake ...aaargh!

  10. Ancient customs and foreign cultures and religious habits are all very interesting and nice... but that situation you're in, must be the strangest story that I've ever heard.
    Religious freedom and all that... fine, but when it doesn't respect others, come on...
    A whole month sleeping badly, every year?!

  11. Well I can't disagree with you Astro. I'm not religious so in a way I object to my life being affected by all this. However, although I am a Turkish citizen I still feel very much like a visitor...and I do appreciate the fact that all these customs existed way before I moved here. Who am I to want to change it? I also think a lot of Turks object to it in theory..but they don't like complaining about anything...too laidback!

  12. I´m in the exact same situation Ayak. I´m up 5 times a night for visits to the loo (diet related) and I wake up from pain from my upper back (from the fall). Not a problem when you are unemployed but definitely a problem when you´ve got an early start at 0545 i the morning.

    You must be looking forward to some peace and quiet soon.

  13. Well I am in a way...but the in-laws arrive just after Ramazan so I think I may need to wait a little longer for real peace and quiet.

  14. Poor you, you must be craving a decent nights sleep.

    Can you organise an afternoon siesta to catch up?


  15. I'm trying the afternoon siesta GG...but it doesn't always work. Fortunately we only have a few more days of Ramazan, then maybe I can get back to normal.


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