Saturday, 19 September 2009

Ideas for cooked chicken

I eat a lot of chicken.  Most other meat is quite expensive here.  But in any case I'm not over keen on red meat. 

As I spend a lot of time on my own a whole chicken can last several days so I try to think of different things to do with it.

I always boil a whole chicken in a large pan because then I have stock to use for soups and casseroles, and also it's good for mixing with food for the dogs.  So I'll then use the cooked chicken for curries, stir-fry with peppers, brocolli, onions...and anything else in season. Also chopped up in a salad...particular tasty in a salad made from mixed cooked beans and tossed in olive oil and lemon juice.

One of my favourite uses for cooked chicken is a kind of filling for fajitas.  We can buy something very similar to the fajita pancakes here, and I always have a pack in the freezer.

The basic mix consists of chopped onions fried in olive oil, to which I had crushed red pepper (or chilli) and some yenibahar (I think allspice is much the same).  To this I add the chopped cooked chicken and heat it through.

To fill the fajitas, first spread some red pepper paste (or tomato paste if you prefer) in the centre of the pancake, add chopped lettuce, some of the chicken mixture and finally some grated cheese.  Roll the pancake up and enjoy!

This chicken mixture is also a good filling for jacket potatoes.

Nothing is wasted because the dogs eat any leftover meat plus all the bones.  And before anyone panics at the thought of feeding dogs chicken bones...please don't worry.  It's perfectly safe..if dogs are used to them from an early age, they learn how to digest them...and they are very good for their teeth and bones.  I was reassured of this fact years ago by an Australian vet.  Far better for them than some of the tinned dog food you buy in other countries.  And of course Beki, who has eaten them for the past 7 years, is living proof!


  1. Thanks, Ayak..I'll try the fajita recipe, it sounds good.
    As you said in an earlier post, it seems to be the season for getting out of the cooking rut!
    I make risotto quite often, with the stock from the bird and some saffron..and the other thing i like but can only make when we have company as Mr. Fly does not, is the poached breast with a sauce made from blending a drained tin of tuna with sour cream.
    I've always fed my dogs chicken bones with no ill effects, but I don't feed rabbit bones.

    Off to the kitchen!
    How's Milly doing? Can we have an update on Billy's photo, please?

  2. I am a vegetarian. But the recipe sounds good!

  3. I am very fond of chicken but as I live in a vegetarian household, I only get to eat it when I get down to McDonald's with the kids!

  4. Fly: I'll do an update post!

    Recipes for the life and Gaelikaa:

    I reckon you could make the mix for fajitas without chicken...just add some more vegetables...maybe aubergines and courgettes?

  5. Save some for me please, I will be over on the next flight, lots of virgin oil dribbled over it, and a napkin to stop the dribbles over me.

  6. I love chicken risotto and like you am always looking for different things to do with the basic bird. One of my favourites is to get a couple of breasts - coat them with French mustard and then roll them in parmesan, a little spray of olive oil and then in the oven on a tray for about 35 mins on about 190. It's tasty hot or cold and is one of Mr FF's favourites.

    I'm another urging for the doggy update please


  7. Ann: The guest bedroom awaits you!

    FF: That sounds delicious...I'll give it a try.

  8. aaw...sounds so delicious! can't wait to get a taste!

  9. This post of yours made me absolutely ravenous.

    Chicken is fantastic, so versatile and quite cheap.

    On a side note, the eggs from chickens in Turkey are fantastic. Different colour and flavour entirely and so filling.

  10. Oh I knew you would love the post Amag. I always have you in mind when I talk about food...haha!


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