Monday, 21 September 2009

The Insomniac's Checklist

Ramazan's over.  I should now be able to sleep.  But it's now Bayram (public holiday) for 4 days and there is much celebration going on with music, singing and laughter that can be heard late at night throughout the village.  To be fair it stops around midnight, but then I have the problem of Beki on guard-dog duty...barking everytime a human or cat passes by.

And I'd also forgotten that young puppies are much like young babies, in that they need feeding a little and often.  So Milly is needing my attention, and warm milk, around 2 or 3am, together with a little cuddle and reassurance to get her to go back to sleep.

Sometimes it's just easier to give in and stay awake all night.  I learned this a long time ago...there's no point in fighting it.  So this is my checklist for wiling away the night hours:

1.  Read a good book (this will often induce sleep so I always try this first)

2. Surf the net.

3. Answer overdue emails.

4. Check MSN to see if any of your friends are logged on and also unable to sleep..and have a chat.

5. Catch up on the ironing.

6. Put the washing machine on (this is sensible and cost effective as we have a cheaper tariff after midnight)

7. Watch television (isn't it wonderful that these days almost all TV channels broadcast 24 hours a day?

8. Do some housework (of course this is only possible if you are alone and don't have adjoining neighbours)

And finally...what I found myself doing at 4.30am:

9. Move the furniture bedroom now has a completely different layout...and the energy used enabled me to have a short nap at around 5.30am before the dogs woke me up at 6.30am.

But please do try to take catnaps during the I fully intend to do today.


  1. On the bright I suppose going to bed very late is good training for your visit in the UK where they are behind two hours. Hopefully you will be able stay in bed later.
    Ironically the World verification for this comment was "restis".

  2. It doesn't make any difference what time I go to bed...I still wake up at the same time...only 2 hours earlier in the UK!!

  3. Your survival tactics for insominiac nights are commendable. You're doing well with your puppy. I'm so glad she found you. Or you found her!

  4. Gael...I came to the conslusion years ago that if I couldn't sleep, lying in bed stressing about it was a waste of I decided to do things that I would normally do during the day.

    The pup is coming along wonderfully...bit like having another baby...night feeds (warm milk) and baby-type crying for attention.

  5. Your checklist would work for me if I didn't have to be as quiet as a mouse so as not to wake up husband and three children - otherwise my moment of peace with marmite and banana would be shattered by them coming down to join me!!
    (Time travelling on your blog.)

    1. Hi Annie. It's an odd feeling re-visiting my old blog posts. Some things have changed since then. Milly was later joined by her malnourished brother, and I kept them until they were old enough to be re-homed. Beki died last June, and of course I now have two more dogs as well as Poppy.

      I don't watch TV anymore (well only on-line)...but I still move furniture around in the middle of the night!
      Of course all this activity would be impossible for you!


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