Friday, 4 September 2009

Life goes on

I recognise this least I think I do.  I have no sense of direction.  It takes me quite a while to find my way around a new area.  But there are a lot of streets like this one in Milas, and I have spent a great deal of time getting lost, whilst attempting to find my way from the bus station to the post office, and then to the shops.

Occasionally I set off in one direction and wander around for ages and have trouble finding a familiar landmark.  Other times, to my pleasant surprise, I discover, more by luck than judgment, a shortcut to where I'm going.

Yesterday was a good day in this respect.  I got off the bus in Milas at 9.30am...collected some money that Mr Ayak had sent me from the post office.   Walked to my favourite supermarket on the other side of town, picked up some essentials, and found another road leading to the bus route and managed to catch the 10.00 am bus home. It helped of course that there were no queues in the post office or supermarket.

I had hoped that Mr Ayak would manage to get home for a night this week. To be able to do so, it would have cost him the equivalent of 5 days pay to borrow a car and put in petrol....but as I haven't seen him for three weeks now, we felt it was worth the expense.  However, it didn't happen.  Evenings seem to be their busiest time and he just hasn't been able to get away.

I had run out of drinking water yesterday and its impossible for me to carry one of the 19 litre containers up from the village.  My rubbish has also been piling up and needed to be disposed of.  My neighbour called out to me last night to tell me someone was looking for me. A man with a tractor had arrived with  a container of water. Mr Ayak had phoned him to ask him to deliver it and to take the rubbish away.  I paid him for the water and had great difficulty in persuading him to take some extra for his trouble.  I love the way people are so willing to help without expecting something in return.

The Ramazan drummer continues to wake me up at 3.30 am...then the dogs at around 5.30am wanting to be fed.  Only another couple of weeks of this, then the in-laws will arrive.  In the meantime, an English friend who has a holiday home in Selcuk, arrives on Saturday for three weeks, and will be coming up to see me for a couple of days next week.  I'm so looking forward to some English conversation!  I might even attempt a tour of Milas with's a lot more fun getting lost when you have company!

And goes on.....


  1. It's a bit lonely for you isn't it? Yash went back to work today after taking some time off to help me care for our kids who were unwell and I'm sad because it's back to the out in the morning and home at midnight routine. But I'm surrounded by kids and in-laws all day. It's different for you. Well, I do hope you enjoy your time with the visitor. Anyway, I'll be dropping in from time to time to say hello!

  2. I hope everything gets better, Ayak...

  3. Gael...yes I am a bit lonely at the moment. I am used to him being away for long periods, but this is the first time I haven't had English speaking friends nearby.
    And of course I will look forward to you popping in to sa hello xxx

    Mel: Thankyou sweetie xxx

  4. It can be a bit grim when there's no one who speaks your own language...seems to make it worse.
    How kind of the chap with the tractor, though....I do like the Turks.

  5. Never thought of that Ayak, of course, they all speak Turkish, as of course they would, and yes indeed, you would miss English, great that a friend is coming over next week, you will enjoy that.

    Oh I get lost everywhere I go, so used to it now, all the lanes with no signposts in Ireland, thank goodness it is driving, not walking.

    I was wondering how you would get some water, and greatly relieved to hear of the tractor driver delivering some, is there no tap water Ayak, or is it undrinkable?.

  6. Fly...yes the Turks are very kind...always willing to help.


    My neighbour assures me the tap water here is drinkable. In fact I've had it at hers and another village woman's house (although I didn't know at the time)and I'm still here to tell the tale. However, Mr Ayak is a fusspot and because I do have some stomach problems from time to time, he insists I drink bottled water. I do of course use the tap water in the kettle and for cookşng veg etc.
    It really depends on the area and the source of the water.

  7. Okay, mind over matter perhaps, think I would be the same Ayak, we are so used to chlorine filled water, or in our case, when it rains, which is very often, the water looks brownish, it is from the peat in the hills, not done us any harm, well apart from Mr Ann having a middle eye, the two dogs have grown another tail, and I have now got 3 arms, but apart from that, all is well.

    Off to the shop I am not allowed to mention.

  8. I worry about you from time to time and we both wonder how you are getting on without Mr A around - that sounded so sexist but you know I didn't mean it like that.

    Glad you got the water - good luck with the inlaws

  9. Ann: You do make me laugh!

    FF: Yes I understood what you meant. I'm doing OK..and it's not forever. Strangely, I'm actually looking forward to the in-laws! visit. Father-in-law will get stuck into the gardening...which will give me a break. And mother-in-law will get stuck into it could be very pleasant!

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  11. Well, Eid is around the corner too you know! Have you prepared for it?? Well, I kinda feel bad that you having a tough time these days but hope things cheer up for you!
    Thanks for always dropping in the best advice!!
    Feels nice to have you as a reader!

  12. Hi Kaibee. I must start thinking about the end of Ramazan because my parents-in-law will be here...much to do! Life's not so tough for me Kaibee. I have a lot to be thankful for. It's nice to have you visiting my blog too xxx

  13. Thank you so much, Ayak, for you kind comment concerning my roasting by David. It is always great to meet new friends and visit yet another part of the world.
    I see you started in Feb and I did a month earlier in Jan.
    Also there is some treditation in my heart because I see "The Wizard Of Oz" is your favourite film. Well I am afraid I shall have to change it a bit to fit in all these nice people including you, but I shall have to cast some baddies - I have only one so far.
    I'm a bit pushed now but I shall return and have a read over a cuppa. You are most welcome anytime ~ Eddie

  14. Eddie: Welcome to my blog. Very nice to meet you...No doubt we will be seeing a lot more of each other. xxx

  15. Looking forward to reading more of your stories from Milas. I know nothing of the place except the airport and that we drive around it on the way to Kus and Baffa lake.

    I was looking on Google and it looks like a pleasant town with quirky old buildings. I bet you can get some delicious home cooked meals (I know I´m food obsessed - but I really do love Turkish cuisine).

  16. Yes Amag...I'm gradually finding my way around Milas and it is a lovely town. And I know you're obsessed with food! I have found one or two places I think you would enjoy.

  17. Well done Mr A for organising help for you.

    Well done you for coping so well,


  18. GG: I've always been a coper!


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