Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My first Meme

This is my first meme and I was tagged by my kindred spirit in India, Gaelikaa . If you haven't seen her blog, do check it's a wonderful read.

This is a very easy meme.  Firstly you pick up the book nearest to you...turn to page 161 and copy out the 5th sentence.

I'm a third of the way through this book.  I've read several Tess Gerritsen books and enjoy them immensely. Keeping the Dead is the latest in a series of cases being investigated by  forensic pathologist Maura Isles and detective Jane Rizzoli.

Now...I don't usually manage to get the latest novel by a particular author, but a friend in Scotland just sent me 6 brand new paperbacks which is wonderful.  In fact this past week has been a bit like Christmas.  I've had a few parcels from friends containing toys and medication for my dogs, Birds custard and Cadbury's chocolate...could life get more perfect? 161...the 5th sentence reads:    "They've asked me all the questions you'd expect"

And that's it...easy isn't it?  I'm now going to tag 5 more bloggers and ask them to do the same.


Prosperos Cellphone

Not Waving but Drowning

Spinning the Wheel

French Leave


  1. It's that meme season again; glad you are getting goody parcels from home - nothing like it, is there?

  2. Ooh! Do I reply on yours or on mine?

    If it's on yours, then it's
    Eric Hobsbawm
    L'age des extremes'
    Editions Complexe
    pg 161 sentence 5 in my edition is
    'C'est la montee du fascisme, dans les annees 1930, qui les porta sur le devant de la scene, alors meme que, si intellectuellement eminents fussent-ils, les catholiques qui se declarerent partisans de la Republique espagnole ne furent jamais bien nombreux.'

    He's talking about Catholic social democrats in the inter war period.

    It is actually what I'm rereading now....but if you want something in English, then the book I've just put down is
    Imperial Blandings, a P.G. Wodehouse omnibus
    Penguin edition
    and pg 161 sentence 5 is
    'I didn't,' he said crisply.'Not by a ruddy jugful.What you draw is a pendant.'

    Guidance for numpties, please!

  3. FF: Oh its wonderful getting goodies...actually even a postcard or letter in my postbox is better than an empty one!

    Fly: Now you are asking ME for advice? Another numpty haha! Well I don't really know. It was passed to me by Gaelikaa who did a post on her blog, presumably it was passed to her, so I just assumed I would do a post on my blog. I think that's what you are supposed to do...but I'm sure it's not a hanging offence if you don't!

  4. This is a very peculiar and a funny meme. You get really funny lines, don't you?

    ♥ Chaitra

  5. Yes it is a strange one Chaitra...but very easy so I didn't mind doing it!

  6. Ayak! Did you know I have two blogs now?


    I was feeling a bit limited so I decided to branch out. One blog has long posts, the other one has short ones. Some people get bored reading long posts, you see.

    Thanks for doing the meme and passing it on. You're a pal!

    lots of love xxxxx

  7. Lucky you, getting books from home - Mel went to a bookfair with her school pals and got me this Halloween themed murder mystery set in seventeenth century New England. Looks interesting!


  8. Gael: Yes I discovered your other blog as soon as you started it..I have both on my blog list...both very enjoyable!

    This was the first time anyone had actually sent me books. Usually I bring as many back as I can on my visits to the UK. Other than that I occasionally swop some with an English friend in Antalya. I feel lost if I don't have books to read.

  9. Thank you for introducing another author to us. I hadn't heard of her and am looking forward to giving her a try. Have you tried, we get a lot of books through that for just the price of posting them out which is very cheap in france.

  10. Thanks for the Meme Ayak!

    I shall get cracking on it now.

  11. You're welcome's an easy one!

  12. Rosie: No I haven't tried bookmooch but I'll have a look. It really depends on the cost of postage to Turkey.

    And thanks for taking the time to comment xxx


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