Tuesday, 8 September 2009


We have rain this evening...the first since April.  I couldn't contain my excitement and rushed out into the garden with the dogs and enjoyed that wonderful feeling of the raindrops soaking through my clothes and the delicious smell as it hits the parched soil.
My pleasure was short-lived however.  I hadn't had the television on all day, and when I finally switched on to catch the news I discovered that elsewhere in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul, there have been flash floods. The latest news reports 8 people killed and 3 missing.
In Saray, in the province of Tekirdag, close to the border with Greece, rescue workers    recovered the bodies of a mother and three daughters and were still searching for the father who had been swept away.  Just one of the tragic stories that are emerging.  More rain is forecast for the area tomorrow.
We are so lucky...we've only had a shower here....and I feel so guilty now about enjoying it so much.
I don't think I will ever feel the same way about rain again.


  1. Why is it we always feel guilty...I do know what you mean - you come in all happy and then see what has been happening on the TV and start thinking about the families involved and you innocent pleasure somehow feels inapropriate.
    Bet the dogs don't do guilt though.

  2. No the dogs never do guilt of course. I'm afraid I do guilt far too much for my own good.

  3. I know what you mean... we haven't had a drop of rain for more than 3 months, either. Although I hate the winter because of the cold, I don't mind a brief summer shower at all - the smell that it leaves behind, although it lasts for only a fleeting half hour, is one of the best, only to be compared to that of freshly baked bread, or newborn babies.
    I'm sorry about the victims of flash floods, and I'm also sorry about the people who have lost their houses, and whose belongings have been seriously damaged. In poor countries, where government support is scarce or inexistent, these tragedies hit people ten times as hard, don't they?

  4. They certainly do Astro. People in the Istanbul area are still feeling the effect on their lives from the earthquake 10 years ago.

  5. All or nothing - what a shame that the pleasure for you was disaster for someone else. I suppose the Buddhists would be very philosophical about it.

    Is that the first rain that Poppy has ever encountered?

  6. there's so much to read in the comment box itself!

  7. I'm sorry to hear the destruction the rain caused. I can't believe you miss rain. You should come and live in Scotland (especially the west coast). But I can also imagine that sunshine everyday must be boring. I like the monsoon rain - it makes you feel you're still alive.

    I suppose the Buddhists might say the rain washes away the old and its staleness. It comes with the hope of renewal and rebirth.

  8. So sad to read about the tragedy. I hope it does not repeat again. Stay safe


  9. FF: The 1st she has experienced since she came to us of course..but as the vet reckons shes about 2 or 3 yrs old...she must have encountered it before.

    Mel: Yes...I enjoy the comments...we can get quigte a conversation going at times!

    ASD: I do try not to complain about the weather here, especially when weather in the UK is so awful. Its just that July and Ajugust temps ag around 110F are hard to bear.

    Chaitra: Thankyou xxx

  10. I was so sorry to see on the TV how awful the Turkish floods were.
    I cannot imagine going without rain for so long but can imagine how delighted you must have felt....... anyone would have felt the same.
    Trouble is, too much too soon.
    Glad I stumbled onto your blog!

  11. Hi Maggie May...welcome to my blog and for taking the time to comment. Pleas call again!

  12. Well weather patterns have changed, unfortunately we are likely to see more of this kind of extreme weather with the loss of life to follow.

    I´m glad you enjoyed the rain and I´m sure the farmers were glad to get some too.

  13. We've had another 24 hours of steady rainfall here Amag. The farmers are delighted of course. I'm also relieved that I won't have to water our garden for a few days.

  14. You mustn't feel guilty for enjoying the simple pleasure of rain. It's a blessing to the parched ground.

    When we lived in Turkey there was quite extensive flooding one year, but it was caused by contractors building in a flood plain and poor drainage maintenance.

    Certainly the rains when they come seem ever so much more intense lately, but I still enjoy them. I also respect the awesome power!

    Still I so love the smell of the earth when the first rains come...

  15. Ayak - I've had some trouble getting into your comment box these last few days. Flash floods are something we get in India too. Not in the plains, fortunately for us, but in the hills. They are the most awful things imaginable - a whole family swept away in minutes!

  16. Ayak, I haven't forgotten the award you were so kind as to have given's just that I you know...a numpty and I have forgotten how to get it on my blog. The friend with the brain is coming today, so I hope to get it sorted ...and will write it down this time!

  17. truestarr: the drainage system here doesn't improve I'm afraid. Like you I do so love the smell of the earth when the rain falls.

    Gael: I get these problems with blogs from time to time. We're also experiencing lots of powercuts at the moment so that doesn't help! It's awful the damage that floods can do. Touch wood we are lucky so far.

    Fly: You know I am also a pc numpty. I do manage to add things to my blog but more by trial than error...and I'm sure I make it much more complicated than it need I do understand what you're going through!

  18. Oh, how horrible. Blessings and pain, joy and loss. Perhaps the scales of life will balance in the end...


  19. Pearl: Yes all of those emotions.

    And a warm welcome to my blog xx


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