Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Splash Award

I've been given the Splash Award by MelRoXx
It's awarded to blogs which allure, amuse, bewitch or inspire you.  I'm not sure I can live up to all that Mel...but thank you for thinking I do!

The terms of the award are:

Put the logo on your blog/post.

Nominate up to 9 blogs which allure, amuse, bewitch, impress or inspire you.  You don't have to give it to 9 people..any number will do.  If you don't want to pass it on...that's OK too...just add it to your sidebar

Let them know that they have been splashed by commenting on their blog.

Remember to link to the person from whom you received your Splash Award.
My nominations are: 
Gill at
Spinning the Wheel at
The Accidental Fan at
In Search of the Good Life at


  1. It's a very well-deserved award, Ayak. I love coming to see your latest news about somewhere that is not so far away distance-wise but very removed from any life that I have known.


  2. What a lovely award! Splash just sounds like the weather in Scotland at the moment. Thank you so much, Ayak x

  3. PS. I love your new design in your blog - such lovely patterns and margins.

  4. ASD: You're welcome..much deserved in my opnion!

    The background design is lovely isn't it? I found it here:

    I'm not the least bit technical so never imagined I could add something like this to my blog, but the designer's instructions are just so easy.

  5. Oh....I think listening to God is more important than listening to your mother
    I'd better listen to the God's word than listen to my dear MOTHER.

    I'm sure my mum won't approve of this LOL!

  6. Hi Dear Ayak,
    Thank you for the special award!!
    I feel very honoured!
    Love your blog! and I'm off to read more of you now!
    Big Hugs X

  7. The Brit: You are most deserve it. And thanks for visiting my blog.
    Big Hugs to you too (( ))


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