Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A truly lovely Award

I am really pleased to receive this Award from Jazzy. If you've not looked at her blog here and particularly if you like excellent photography..pop over there.

I'm especially pleased because Jazzy also gave this award at the same time to Gaelikaa, whose blogs I absolutely love.  If you haven't experienced them already, have a look, you won't be dissapointed  here and here.

Jazzy passed on this award to two of us, so I think I should do the same.   There are so many blogs that add sunshine to my day that it's really difficult to here are two for now, and I've no doubt I'll be passing on this award to many more soon.

Both of these bloggers live in France, they have totally different writing styles.  I find myself hanging on to every word, and waiting eagerly for their next posts:

French Leave   link    and

Not Waving but Drowning  link

If you haven't already visited these have a look.


  1. Congratulations Ayak, a well deserved award I must say. Thank you for your praise, and I must say the feeling is mutual. I enjoyed your comment over at mine yesterday, I must say we both go through a lot of similar experiences!

  2. Talk about repetition! I used the phrase 'I must say' three times in the last comment! How did that happen! I suppose when you get emotional you just keep on emphasising and emphasising!

  3. You mentioned two blogs I don't really know but will meander off and investigate them soon. As for the two French based blogs - yep, good call Ayak.

    I had to laught at what gaelikaa said about repetition in her comments - I do that repeated words thing, although most of the time, with my typos, I vary the letter arrangements

  4. Oh don't we all do this repetition thing? I do it a lot in my blog posts, where fortunately I can read back and edit. Shame we can't edit our comments!

  5. Ayak, thank you...I have started on the two blogs already, making the most of the time on my hands before Mr. Fly is back to top form! The friend with the brain missed last Sunday, Sunday, she can show me again!
    Typos, repetition...I always think i have checked and usually miss something glaring.

  6. Well deserved award Ayak, more than well deserved.

  7. Fly: I'm sure you could manage perfectly well without your friend with the brain. I lost touch with my friend with the computer brain when we moved from Goreme, so was thrown in at the deep end. Jujst go for'll make a few mistakes like I did..but when you suddenly discover how to do something on your own, it's a wonderful feeling!

    Ann...thankyou very much xxx

  8. You deserve it Ayak!

    I wish I had the time and could delve in and read all these fabulous blogs.

  9. Is the cheque in the post!!.

  10. Just read your new comment over at mine Ayak, thanks very much!

  11. Ann: Of course!

    Gael: You're welcome xx

    GG: You are so welcome...much deserved xxx

  12. Well, I'm following your advice and going it alome, so Mr. Fly is cooking, and preparing water for me to boil my head in occasionally when it all goes pear shaped.
    But, thanks! I needed a push to stop being dependent.


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