Sunday, 20 September 2009

Updates without photos

I really  must buy myself a camera.  Throughout my life, cameras and I have never seen eye to eye!  I break them.  Not deliberately of course. I honestly don't know why I'm jinxed.  Years ago, before I got into social work, I worked as a Studio Manager for an industrial photographer for 5 years, so you would think that I might have picked up some tips... not so.  I could organise the backdrops, make the appointments, hire models, control staff....but I steered clear of cameras.

One of these new digital thingies would probably be best..but of course they're not actually new are they? Everyone these days has one...except me.  The last proper camera I had is still lying in a drawer somewhere with an unused 35mm film jammed in seized up shortly after I bought it.

I've since made do with disposable one-use cameras...they do the trick and I don't need to worry about breaking them.  But now I'm blogging I ought to have a digital camera so that I can upload my pics...the ones I have used on my blog so far have been courtesy of others.

So I will look for one when I next go to England.  If anyone can recommend one that is simple to use, idiot-proof and very please let me know.

In the meantime just a few updates:

Milly's second day with us has seen her venturing out of her garden house and being a little braver than she was yesterday. She no longer screams when Beki comes near her.  Although Poppy and Milly are about the same size, Beki is quite boisterous with Poppy. It's almost as if she knows Poppy isn't a baby, but that Milly is, and that she must be gentler with her.  Milly's making quite a lot of noise to attract my attention, and the other two are joining in.  I'm just relieved that my neighbours also have noisy animals...donkeys, goats, cows and chickens, so I doubt I will receive any complaints.  I searched everywhere in Milas for flea collars today as I don't usually Frontline the dogs during the winter...but could find none.  So have Frontlined the three of them to make sure Milly doesn't share her fleas with the other two.  So all in all she's doing well.

I continue to "talk" to Billy on webcam most days.  My daughter sits him in front of her laptop in his high-chair so that I can watch him being fed.  He's just starting on a little solid rice, pureed vegetables etc...and it's a joy to watch him.  He's also discovered how to scream and insists on doing so whilst my daughter and I are trying to talk..attempting to join in or interrupt the conversation..which sends us into fits of laughter.  He also pretends to's so funny!  I am so looking forward to lots of cuddles with him at the end of next month.

Mr Ayak came home last night.  He did think that the job had come to an end...and I was looking forward to him being here for a while.  However, it would seem that there are still a few customers about so his boss wanted him back today.  So he got up at 6am...tidied up some of the things in the garden that I couldn't manage, disposed of some rubbish, and set off back to work at 7.30am....on a borrowed motorbike with no number plates...oh don't ask!  I'll never know how he gets away with things like this...but he does.

We anticipate him being back home sometime next month before I go to England.  He'll be here to look after the dogs while I'm away for 2 weeks, then he will probably be off to Istanbul to work for the winter.  Not ideal...but needs must.

I have a couple of English friends popping in for lunch tomorrow on their way to the airport which will be great. I haven't seen them for a while so we have a lot of catching up to do.

My in-laws are due to arrive from Ankara within the next few days. It's the end of Ramazan today and a public holiday for the next 4 days. I've no idea when they will be here or how long they will be staying, but as I've mentioned before, this is normal Turkish family behaviour.  They are just not expected to tell you so that you can make plans for meals etc.  I have had to adapt to the Turkish wife mentality, and make sure I have sufficient store-cupboard food to produce enough meals.  It never fails to amaze me how Turkish women are able to receive unexpected guests and somehow, from what they have in their cupboard, produce a banquet.  I haven't quite got the knack but I do try! 

So that's all for now............


  1. Thank you for the Milly and Billy updates!
    Poor you and Mr. Ayak...just when you were looking forward to having him home, and with his family descending on you as well...good luck in your store cupboard!

  2. You can get some digital cameras that are not too expensive. However, if you can run to a Pentax Optio then they are very good. Look on line!
    I don't know how any women can just provide banquets out of nothing for visitors.
    I get in a flap!
    Maybe people are genetically more easy going in Turkey than here or it could be just the upbringing.
    Anyway, hope the visit goes well when it happens!

  3. Nice to know that milly is coping well. You can but sony digital cameras. They start of at quite a low range. 200-300 $$ i think. And they are quite good.

    ♥ Chaitra

  4. Excellent newsy post. As for dogs and noise - doesn't it just get you down sometimes. Misty is very good at setting Poppy off on a bark-fest and I've never been able to get them to stop on command. I hope you have better luck.

    As for the daily Billy feeds - what a sweet lovely idea. He is such a gorgeous child - very photogenic.

  5. p.s. re the earlier chicken recipe - It's probably more like 25 mins on about 170 - it might end up a bit dry if you go by my earlier post


  6. I for one would definately like to see pictures of Turkey and your dogs etc...

    I suck at photos, so I only spendt $30. on my digital camera...I can't work it but my daughter can.

  7. I seriously need a camara too!

  8. Ayak, yes buy a camera when you are over in England next month, I am sure you can get cheaper ones.

    You will enjoy ,Mr Ayak's family.

    Glad to hear the beautiful Milly is settling down, they are like babies, well actually she is, and they need more care and attention.

  9. Certainly adding photo´s will add a new dimension to your blog Ayak.
    I am really looking forward to

    Regarding the in-laws, cook up some lovely pork chops, yorkshire pudding, soggy veg and insist that they have a marmite sandwich at every availeble. And ofcourse start sobbing uncontrollaby if they refuse. That should cut down the in-law occupancy dramatically at the Ayak Inn.

  10. Thanks for all your comments. I've been searching for digital cameras on line and I think there's a pretty good selection of reasonably-priced ones out there. My daughter has sent me some more photos today so I'll post a few more of Billy.

    Amagerican: You are wicked...pork chops indeed!

  11. My mother in law is like some of those Turkish wives you mention - she can rustle up a meal, or tea, for say twenty people - in minutes. I still don't know how she does it. Glad you're getting home for a while soon. Mr. Ayak is quite a man. Like my own!

  12. Yes these woman are amazing Gael. My dear Mr Ayak has managed to find out when they're coming...tomorrow evening..fortunately shops are back to normal opening tomorrow so I will have time to shop and cook.


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