Tuesday, 1 September 2009

When Billy met Matthew

When I returned home from England on 25th May after the birth of my grandson Billy, I left my brother in a state of excited anticipation at the imminent arrival of his first grandson.

As it happened, Matthew arrived the day after I returned home...and much to the delight of my brother it was also his birthday...a double celebration.

Ours is a strange family.  For generations we've never been close....only getting together for weddings and funerals.  It's not that we don't get on well when we do meet up with relatives, it's just that no-one ever seems to make an effort to stay in touch.

I am very close to my brothers now...although this seems to have happened more in recent years. I have a son and daughter and my brothers each have 2 daughters.   We hoped that they might all become closer to each other than previous generations, but unless someone makes an effort to get everyone doesn't happen.

I don't think our family is any different to lots of families these days.  People are is so fast...there never seems to be enough time to stop and say...let's all get together.  I know my youngest brother feels the same...and to be fair he seems to be the one in the family who makes more effort to achieve this.

So this weekend he arranged a family gathering, and Billy (on the left) met his second-cousin Matthew.  I wish I had been there!  

Let's hope that this new generation will become closer than previous ones.


  1. Billy, Billy, Billy, you have become quite the little man, wonderful picture Ayak, wont be long now until you are holding your beautiful grandson in your arms.

  2. We have the same family thing as well. All my cousins and I get on tremendously well but hardly ever get together. I'll be visiting some of them in about three weeks time and then it will be like we were together the day before.

    Billy is so very gorgeous - and Matthew isn't bad either

  3. Ann: It can't come soon enough!

    FF: I notice it more living here because I don't have so many opportunities to see everyone..the same for you I guess?

    They're both gorgeous little boys...lets hope they become friends.

  4. They're both absolutely gorgeous, Ayak!
    My youngest son has a cousin who is 5 months his junior. But as I live 300 kms away from my sister, the boys only meet a few times per year.
    Still, whenever they do meet, they are the best of friends, and they get along very very well. Plus, in this age of the internet, they get to chat live via webcam, which is hardly the same as actually playing together, but it's good enough for them to compare the most recent acquisitions in the cars department!
    I'm sure that Billy & Matthew will grow as close as Henrique & Afonso... at least!

  5. Ah..little summer boy Astro!
    Yes I hope so too xxx

  6. What a lovely post! You are so right, Ayak, families do need to make an effort to get together. Friends are great, but there's a wonderful bond with relatives that's so precious. One of my first cousins, Tony, visited me twice here in India when he came on holiday with his wife and it meant so much. They keep in touch with me now by reading my blog, and sometimes they comment as 'anonymous', I always know it's them. They don't visit these days as they have a pair of little ones now! It is a pity you couldn't have been at the get together, but I am sure you were there in spirit. Anyway, you will visit and meet everyone sooner or later!

  7. I don't get visits from family here these days Gael. It's one of the minuses of living elsewhere. Although I'm lucky to be able to get back to the UK a couple of times a year at the moment...better than nothing.

  8. Hey! Ayak love your new profile picture! I think the same about your blog, It's like we're all in a conversation together, such fun right?

    btw can I have your email address?


  9. My father´s family is like that too Ayak. I have to make an effort with my brother too who is not the most communicative person on the planet.

    I think it´s fantastic that Matthew and Billy are the same age.
    Hopefully they will break the spell and become close.

    Wonderful picture btw. :)

  10. Two absolute honeys Ayak, I h ope they will be friends as they grow up

  11. I'm an English Cocker from the Czech Republic and I've lived in four different locations in two years! My mum also moved a lot for my daddy's career. She loved living in England - it's her favorite.

  12. Jazzy: Thanks xxx

    Euri: Welcome to my blog and for taking time to comment xx

  13. When we were kids, all the cousins were sent to the same row of fishermen's cottages off the west coast of Scotland and the parents took one or two week stints of being in charge.
    As a child and a teenager I knew nearly all my family, but once we all grew up we split up, working all over the globe and now I don't have contact, so it was just proximity, not amity.
    My family now are the cousins in Belgium of my beloved Mr.Fly...all you could ever want in love, concern, laughter and practical help.
    Your blog is so close to how I feel about things...thank you.

  14. Fly: Because I live so far away from my daughter the one thing I'm very happy about is the relationship she has with her husband's family. They are a lovely, caring, close family and she has become one of them. I think it's been quite an eye-opener for her..a very pleasant one.

    I'm glad we have some kind of connection with the way we do find this with some bloggers...sometimes to the extent that you could almost have written their posts for them.


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  16. Amagerican:I often wonder why this happens...why sıblings can be so different. And it's often the case that one has to make more effort than the other to have any sort of relationship at all.

    Thanks for the comment about the pic. Apparently my brother has a dvd awaiting me of the meeting of Billy and Matthew..which I'm looking forward to seeing.


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